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RFID In Jewellery Management

  • Ravi Pal
  • Jul 04, 2023
  • RFID System
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“The use of RFID tags and labels on valuable jewelry items allows for jewelry asset management in a jewellery store, helps with jewelry tracking, and prevents thefts.”

Jewellery business owners, who have been using barcode technology until today, know how difficult it is to manage jewelry items, especially when you have to send jewelry items away from the store or inventory. Keeping track of each item without losing valuable jewelry to theft or misplacement is a sophisticated task that requires precision and expertise. However, this is where Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology comes into the picture.

As a wireless AIDC technology that enables automatic identification and data capture with the help of electromagnetic, radio frequency signals, RFID is considered the most efficient tool when it comes to asset tagging and tracking from a distance.

Radio Frequency Identification technology uses RFID tags, RFID readers, antennas, and computer software systems to perform the task of automatic identification and tracking. Although, various kinds of RFID labels are available in the market yet given the small size of the jewelry and gems, and the fact that jewelry items are made of metals, special small-sized RFID Jewelry labels are used for Jewelry identification and jewelry tracking purposes.

RFID in Jewellery Management: Jewelry Tagging and Identification

In Jewellery Management, the first step is to tag each jewelry item and gem, be it a watch, a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, or small nose rings made of gold and diamond or any other diamond items with specially designed jewelry tags. These tags can be attached to jewelry items as well as cases containing small jewelry pieces. The RFID tag contains a microchip and an antenna where the information about a particular jewellery item is stored in the RFID chip and the antenna lines capture the RF signals coming from the interrogator in the vicinity and allow the tag to send the information back to the reader.

Each of these jewelry tags is encoded with a unique identification number in the form of an EPC (electronic product code) which contains information about the product such as manufacturer’s details, jewelry item type, etc. The unique identification no. helps with quick identification and inventory management.

Jewelry Tracking: Jewelry Management and Tracking Software

Once the jewelry items are tagged with RFID labels, an RFID reader and Jewelry Management and Tracking Software are leveraged to create a database of all these jewelry items and track the movement of each item with the help of gate passes and challans.

Every time a jewelry item leaves the store or inventory, the type of movement whether it is sold, sent for showcasing and exhibitions, or sent to another store or inventory, is registered in the form of an outward challan. This challan/gate pass helps with point-to-point tracking of jewelry items and the RFID jewelry management software accurately records all these movements, enabling real-time tracking of jewelry items. The data capture is done either using a Handheld RFID reader or fixed RFID Readers installed at entry and exit points.

Key Issues Faced by Jewellery Store Owners

Tracking and monitoring precious jewellery items, boxes, or pouches, is a difficult task. Since many jewelry displays are set up on a daily basis and then safely stored in the evening, there is ample opportunity for theft or misplacement of such jewelry items.

Another issue that Jewelry stores face is error-prone data entry, which is often done by barcoding technology. The Barcoding technology is not precise and frequently results in various kinds of errors. What happens is that employees scan the barcode on each item using mobile barcode scanners and the data is registered with the software system, however more often than not, items are missed, or there is an error in the barcode scanning process itself.

Apart from that, weak security measures, time-consuming inventory checking, huge requirement of manual labor, and difficulty in managing information related to the Jewellery items are some of the key issues Jewellery store owners face. However, the use of RFID technology in retail jewelry stores solves many problems related to jewellery tracking and management.

Benefits of using RFID-based Jewellery Management Software

The RFID-based Jewellery Management Software is a perfect solution to solve the above-mentioned issues as followings:

1.The RFID jewelry management software provides automatic identification and quick inventory reconciliation.

2. The self-auditing task which usually takes hours and days can be done in 1-2 hours using Handheld RFID readers.

3. RFID-based jewelry tracking system makes it easy to generate gate passes for unsold items being taken out of the store or inventory. It keeps a record of the same.

4. Fixed RFID readers and RFID antennas can be installed at entry and exit gates to record and prevent any kind of unauthorized movement, shoplifted or unsold items being taken through the gates. Alarms and alerts can be raised if and when that happens.

5. RFID provides added security in addition to CCTV cameras and access control systems that can be installed at Jewelry stores.

6. RFID-based Jewellery Management System streamlines your day-to-day store and inventory management.

7. Once a piece of jewelry is sold and the tag is removed after the billing process, the RFID tag can be reused. You just have to assign the new similar jewelry item against that RFID tag ID in the jewelry management system.

8. The user-friendly interface of the RFID Jewellery Management System makes for easy store operations. The software requires little to no training and integrates well with existing CRM/ERP systems.

9. The RFID-based Jewellery tracking system also generates reports and insights that can be used for data-driven decisions leading to better client relationships and profit.

To conclude, RFID can be used to produce reports on an organization's physical inventory, including desks, chairs, and other equipment as well. RFID-based Jewellery management software helps highlight trends in inventory use, replenishment, inventory control as well as sales and demands.

RFID jewelry management allows quick inventory count, jewelry identification, and tracking. The use of jewelry tags on jewelry items and gems ensures security and prevents theft and misplacement of valuable items.

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