ASP.NET Core is a powerful and versatile framework that can be used to develop modern, cloud-enabled, Internet-connected applications.

It allows runtime components, APIs, compilers, and languages to evolve swiftly, and simultaneously provides a stable platform for developers to work with. Additionally, ASP.NET Core can be used with a wide range of development tools on Windows, macOS and Linux, giving developers the freedom to choose their preferred environment.

Our ASP.NET Core experts use this open-source, high-performance tool for building web apps and services, IoT apps, and mobile back-ends as per our clients’ needs.

With the ability to run multiple versions of ASP.NET Core side-by-side on the same server, our developers can easily adopt the latest version while still maintaining old versions that work well for their apps.

  • Cross-platform support
  • High performance.
  • Open-source.
  • Cloud-ready.
  • Built-in dependency injection.
  • Easy to use and learn.
  • Supports multiple development platforms and languages.
  • Provides built-in security features, logging and diagnostics.
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C# is a modern, object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft. It is widely used for developing Windows desktop applications, mobile applications, web applications, and video games.

Our team of C# developers proficiently uses this popular programming language to create web and mobile applications with simple and clean user interface.

  • High scalability
  • Faster development time
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Large community
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Our android development program follows Google’s guidelines to design and develop customized mobile applications with high performance, scalability and clean user interface.

Our team of android development experts assesses your app design needs and develops high quality, feature-rich, APIs rich mobile applications that meet your requirements.

  • Customized apps based on the requirements
  • Different types of connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth GSM etc.
  • API support
  • Java and Kotlin programming language
  • Run two activities on single screen with Fragmentation
  • Android applications for entertainment, business, productivity, News, etc.
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Our iOS development team is proficient in designing and developing customized native iOS apps using Objective C and Shift Programming language as well as cross platform apps with the help of Flutter and React native programming languages.

  • Apple developer program member
  • Cutting-edge native and cross platform app design and development
  • Fast and highly scalable apps
  • IoT and AR integrations for immersive user experience
  • Business application for analytics and insights.
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Google developed Flutter, an open-source UI software development kit, to enable developers to build beautiful, natively compiled applications for a wide range of operating systems, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web using a single codebase.

Our team of Flutter development experts uses Dart programming language to provide a reactive programming model and create mobile applications easily deployable to multi-platforms.

  • Supports multi-platforms
  • Provides a reactive programming model
  • Uses the Dart programming language
  • Customizable widgets
  • Supports Material Design and Cupertino widgets
  • Fast development cycle with features like Hot Reload
  • Provides support for building custom widgets, custom animations, layouts, and custom themes
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Microsoft SQL Server, popularly known as MSSQL, is a relational data base management server, developed by Microsoft. MSSQL is highly preferred when it comes to storing and managing structured data in enterprise environments.

Our team of MSSQL experts is well verse in SQL and relational data management and data retrieval. As per clients’ requirements, we create database structures, tables, and schemes as well as handle performance and security.

  • Record-breaking performance and can be run on windows and Linux
  • You can query across your entire data estate and gain insights
  • Upgrade anywhere, on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge (end user)
  • Fewest Vulnerabilities and high security
  • Data encryption at will
  • Data connection from all sources
  • Easy cloud migration to Azure.
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MySQL is a widely used open-source relational database management system that allows users to manage data with Structured Query Language (SQL). While it is not a web server, it can be easily integrated with popular web servers such as Apache HTTP Server, Nginx, and Microsoft IIS to create dynamic web applications.

MySQL is renowned for its speed, reliability, scalability, and user-friendliness, especially in handling large databases and has been a popular choice for highly demanding production environments for many years.

Our team of MySQL experts can design and maintain a RDBMS using SQL and perform specific operations related to a database as well.

  • MySQL known for ease of use, reliability, scalability on demand
  • Higher efficiency, 24x7 server uptime, and data security
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It’s an object-oriented, open-source, dynamic and interpreted programming language that offers high performance.

Our team of Python developers is proficient in designing and developing customized mobile and web application for home and business uses with clean user interface and security features built-in.

  • Easily integrated with C, C++ etc.
  • Large standard library to call functions
  • No need to remember the system architecture, manage memory while coding.
  • PyQt5, PyQt4, wxPython and Tk modules for GUI programming.
  • Dynamically typed language, no need to define the type of variable.
  • Dynamic memory allocation for variables.
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Java is a highly robust, secure and object-oriented programming language, developed in1995, by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle subsidiary).

Our team of Java developers uses Java programming language for developing mobile applications, web applications, desktop applications, games, as well as enterprise-level applications.

  • Java is simple, familiar, and object-oriented
  • It is architecture-neutral, robust, and secure
  • It is multithreaded
  • Java is statically typed and compiled, capable of high performance
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Developed by Facebook, ReactJS is a java script library useful in front-end development. It’s paid and open-source, component- based library.

Our team of ReactJS experts can design interactive user interface for mobile and web applications, tailored to client’s requirements.

  • JSX, a combination of HTML and JS easy for embedding.
  • Easy debugging
  • It allows on way data binding, top to bottom data flow
  • Write conditional statements
  • High performance front-end library
  • Extensions for full-fledged UI design
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AngularJS, maintained mainly by Google and a community of developers, is a open-source JS framework which uses HTML and JS for front-end UI design of single page applications.

Our team of script developers uses AngularJS for designing dynamic web pages with high-end animations and choreographic user interface.

  • High speed and optimum performance
  • Model-View-Controller architecture
  • Cross platform
  • Built in routing and Engine
  • Diary.js for time logging and tracking
  • Angular Command Line Interface for smooth operation flow
  • CDK for virtual scrolling
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Node.js is an open-source, cross platform server environment developed by OpenJS foundation and initially released in 2009. It can run on windows, Linux, macOS, and works well with Java Script functionality, suitable for back-end development.

Our team of Node.js experts can design cross platform, web and mobile applications that are fast and scalable data-intensive and suitable to our client’s specific needs.

  • Single threaded event loop model
  • Non-blocking Asynchronous request processing
  • Chromes V8 java script engine for faster code execution
  • Fast and Highly scalable
  • Node Package Manager for Node JS runtime environment
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Raspberry Pi Development

Our Raspberry Pi Development is focused on creating mobile applications using the Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian), which is the officially supported operating system.

Our Raspberry Pi team helps you integrate Raspberry Pi computing into your products and enable a smooth run on Raspberry Pi OS. We also design and develop customized applications for Raspbian, and Debian with Raspberry Pi Desktop suitable for cost-effective Raspberry Pi computers.

  • Clean user interface
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Raspbian and Debian operating system support
  • Cost-effective
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