UHF RFID Antennas

Ultra High Frequency RFID antennas for high precision asset tracking and inventory management; Our wide range of multipurpose, high range antennas offer low interference and accurate tag detection.

UHF RFID Antennas
Far-Field Antennas

Far-Field Antennas

At Ruddersoft, various far-field antennas for indoor and outdoor identification and tracking needs like inventory tracking, tool tracking, asset tracking in retail, hospitality, healthcare, warehouses etc. are also available.

UHF far-field Antennas in different gain options, shapes and sizes, linear and round polarization options are available as well.

Near-Field Antennas

Our wide ranges of UHF near-field antennas offer item-level identification and tracking of biological products, medical products like vaccines, blood, medicines etc.

Multipurpose UHF RFID antennas

Ruddersoft also offers Multipurpose UHF RFID antennas that have small form factor, high precision and read range. Available in various sizes and high durability, these antennas can be deployed outdoors and indoors as well.

Ground and Mat Antennas

Ground and Mat Antennas

Ground antennas are used at places where traditional side antennas are no good. These are placed on ground, like a mat, to track movements in race, race timing and for people tracking in conferences as such.

Ruddersoft offers a wide range of high performance, Omni-directional ground antennas in different shapes and sizes at affordable prices.

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