Highly configurable solution to suit your Document/File tracking

Automated RFID document tracking systems improve employee efficiency while reducing costs incurred by losing important documents. Simple but effective tracking of files and documents.

RFID based Document/File Tracking System

Reduce potential for lost, enhance productivity, time consuming

Our RFID solutions include Document & file tracking to manage inventory stock, control theft to tracking the movement of important file and documents. It also reduces the potential for misplacing or lost document due to mishandling. RFID reader can now hold thousands of documents that can be read one time. It increasingly popular because they give employees enhanced visibility.

Barcode based Document/File Management System

Searching for lost documents, and control movement of important file.

Barcode Document or file tracking software is an awesome advantage for an organisation that they can track their document effectively and rapidly at anytime. We provide hardware and software solution which will greatly ease keeping tabs on your documents and files. Barcode uses information on the scanned images themselves to name files or document and place them in the proper folders.

We would like to introduce you to the benefits of Document/File tracking system.

  • Reduced Storage Space

    Commercial property costs are increasing and so is the expense to store paper documents. A document tracking solution that can reduce the need for file cabinets, boxes and storage bins is a valuable asset to any enterprise, freeing up precious office space. Documents that have to be kept as hard copies can often be stored in less expensive locations, such as an offsite warehouse or vault.

  • Enhanced Security

    Document security is vital to many enterprises. We provide better control over sensitive documents. Access to documents can be controlled at the folder level for different groups or individuals. Managed documents are highly traceable and can be tagged to allow for automated alerts.

  • Better Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Document/file tracking software should include a data backup and disaster recovery plan. With digital archiving as a backup, paper documents are protected from fire and flood and other disasters. With a document tracking solution, documents are highly traceable and can be tracked within a range of criteria.

  • Better Collaboration

    With document tracking solution, information sharing and collaboration can be a lot easier. Documents captured from different sources can be accessed from multiple locations. Electronic imaging makes sharing documents over a network via email or the internet possible.

Features of Document/File Tracking Software

Document/file tracking software is not just a tool for organizing your future, but also a proper record of the past. Keep a history of contract issues, and project tasks. You'll improve your personal (and team) efficiency, save time and streamline your operations - and vastly improve operating performance by taking this step forward.

  • Wireless handheld ability
  • Manage user and permissions
  • Generate reports
  • Providing real time data
  • Automated & Effective document tracking-Real time tracking, searching Location & availability.
  • Increased accuracy, security and visibility.
  • Improves inventory Management.
  • Risk of misplace or theft of document is controlled.
  • Reduction in manual cost & time loss.
  • Eliminates authorized access to the files/ documents.
  • Can keep a record of the holder of the file or document.
  • Searching specific File with its file name or number using handheld device
  • Accurate tracking of sensitive documents
  • Location and optional sub-location fields available

A tracking system does exactly what the term suggests - it tracks your files or documents. It provides an easy way for you to see who has used a file, how they have used that file, what was printed and more. In other words it attaches code to a document that allows you to collect document usage statistics.