Raspberry Pi

Software Application Development with Raspberry Pi

The art of developing a cost-effective, single board computer.

Raspberry Pi

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a small sized, inexpensive (15 USD) computer that is developed by Raspberry Pi foundation for the purpose of empowering young people to use computing technologies to shape the world.

The latest version of Raspberry Pi also supports wireless features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as Ethernet networks, mini HDMI port, a micro USB port, and a micro USB power port.

Save Money

Raspberry Pi small computer costs less money (15 USD) and consumes less power (15W).

Free OS

You also get free Raspberry Pi Operating System.

Build New Tech

Raspberry Pi gives you tool to build new tech like USB webcam, smart mirror etc.

Several Raspberry Pi Options

Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 400, and Raspberry Pi Zero 2W to choose from.

How Ruddersoft helps

Ruddersoft offers a cost-effective and efficient Raspberry Pi software application development that can be used for education and learning, games, and other coding purposes. Our team of Raspberry Pi developers helps you build software applications for computing and developing, photography, birdbox, cybersecurity, music box, musical instruments, etc.

Our Raspberry Pi powered software solutions are suitable for a range of industrial applications such as industrial controller, security and monitoring, IoT gateways, photography, etc.

Raspberry Pi microcomputers are very versatile and can support Windows installation. You can run Windows 10 on Pi 4 using a micro SD or USB. Earlier, only Microsoft core version of Windows was supported by Raspberry Pi.

Various versions of android can be used on distinct Raspberry Pi computers. However, you can install OmniROM (android R and S versions, equivalent to android 11 and android 12) on the new Raspberry 4 microcomputer. You can use a microSD or a USB for this purpose.

Innovate with Raspberry Pi software solutions from Ruddersoft !

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