IT Sector

Solutions for IT Sector

  • RFID tags, Readers and Antennas for asset tracking
  • RFID based-Asset Management System
  • IoT-based Visitor Management system
  • Software Solutions for digital infrastructure
  • RFID access control solutions for workplace security
  • RFID-based laptop tracking system
  • SaaS based customized software deployment
  • SaaS development and integrations
Solutions for IT Sector
Apparel Sector

Solutions for Apparel Sector

  • RFID and barcode tagging of apparels
  • RFID-based solutions at point of sale
  • RFID tracking solutions for enhanced visibility
  • Android and IoT solutions for smart shelves
  • A comprehensive Asset Tracking System
  • RFID-based inventory control
  • IoT solutions for preventing shoplifting
  • EAS and RFID-based security solutions
Asset Management Sector

Solutions for Asset Management

  • RFID, BLE and barcode solutions for asset tagging
  • IoT solutions for enhanced asset visibility
  • RFID tags for pallets and metal containers
  • Asset Management Software for businesses
  • Real-time asset tracking solutions
  • RFID and BLE- based asset inventory control
  • Software solutions for asset tracking
Solutions for Asset Management
Industrial Automation

Solutions for Industrial Automation

  • IoT solutions for enhanced visibility
  • RFID tool tracking
  • IoT-based assembly line automation
  • RFID- based machinery life cycle management
  • QR-based solutions for manufacturing cycle tracking
  • IoT solutions for workers’ safety and emergencies
  • IoT- based software solutions for production management
Parking Management Sector

Solutions for Parking Management Sector

  • RFID-based access control system
  • RFID access cards and parking ticket machines
  • RFID- based billing system
  • IoT-based Parking Management Solutions
  • IoT-based security and theft prevention
  • IoT solutions for parking space optimization
  • RFID boom barriers for traffic management and access control
Solutions for Parking Management Sector
Supply Chain and Logistics

Solutions for Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Security
  • Asset tracking solutions
  • Inventory transformation with IoT
  • IoT-based Risk management solutions
  • BLE-based solutions for enhanced visibility
  • RFID enabled access control at warehouses
  • RFID, QR and BLE tagging for asset visibility
  • UHF RFID and gps-based real-time tracking of delivery consignments
Retail Sector

Solutions for Retail Sector

  • IoT-based solutions at Point of sale.
  • RFID tagging and tracking of articles.
  • RFID-based inventory management.
  • Android and IoT solutions for smart shelves.
  • Smart shopping carts and fast billing.
  • IoT solutions for preventing shoplifting.
  • EAS and RFID based security solutions
Solutions for Retail Sector
Healthcare and Life Sciences

Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • IoT-based access control
  • QR Code-based appointments
  • IoT-based time and attendance management
  • IoT and android based digital health records
  • Medical and lab instruments tracking
  • QR code based solutions for patients
  • RFID-based inventory control of medicines and beds
  • Android and web applications for asset management
Real Estate

Solutions for Real Estate

  • IoT solutions for buildings
  • RFID-based access control
  • QR code based digital marketing
  • Asset tagging and tracking
  • Fixed asset register based on RFID
  • Android solutions for clients
  • Vendor screening and onboarding solutions
Solutions for Real Estate

Solutions for Security Providers

  • RFID visitor’s cards
  • RFID-based access control
  • IoT-based threat assessment
  • IoT-based movement tracking

Solutions for Agriculture

  • Asset tracking
  • Irrigation solutions
  • RFID-based livestock tracking
  • Weather assessment and forecasting

Solutions for Transportation

  • Vehicle tracking
  • RFID-based Toll collection
  • RFID-based parking solutions
  • Vehicle repair and maintenance
  • Traffic monitoring using RFID and IoT
  • IoT-based passenger safety solutions
  • IoT-based solutions for airports and railway stations
  • IoT-based monitoring of potholes on highways and town roads
Government Sector

Solutions for Government Sector

  • Web applications
  • IoT solutions in govt. buildings
  • IoT implementation in govt. services.
  • like postal services, shipping etc.
  • RFID-based waste collection system
  • Android application for welfare schemes and social security
  • Asset tracking and inventory management in govt. sector
Government sector

Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

  • RFID and QR tagging
  • Asset life cycle monitoring
  • IoT-based access control at manufacturing plants
  • RFID-based tool tracking solutions
  • Android solutions for process management
  • BLE-based solutions for enhanced visibility
  • IoT-based access control at manufacturing plants

Solutions for Education Sector

  • RFID-based ID cards
  • IoT-for smart campus
  • IoT-based access control
  • RFID-based security solutions
  • IoT solutions for smart classes
  • Android and IoT solutions for laboratories
  • RFID-based solutions for library management

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