• Consulting

    Need consultation in projects wheather it is for hardware or software, the consulting experts at Ruddersoft can help.
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  • Site Assessment (Survey)

    The purpose of the site assessment is to evaluate the environment in which the system would come in place.
     Site Assessment
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  • Software Development

    Are you searching for the best software development partner in India? Ruddersoft is here to help you.
    Application Development
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  • Deployments / Installations

    Typically, installing a system requires basic hardware including tag chips, tag antennas, readers and application software.
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  • Application Integration

    The system can be use in the most effective and efficient way only if it is integrated seamlessly with the existing systems.
    Application Integration
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  • Support

    Hardware support services, software support, expert technical support, & resolving integration issues etc..
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  • Application Maintenance

    Improvement, Rerun stopped existing system, or fixing the problem in he existing system
    Application Maintenance
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  • Education & Training

    Technology history, concepts and applications, global technical and data standards, deployment training, & maintenance training etc
    Education & Training
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