RFID services

We're always interested in new technologies, including RFID interrogators, fixed and mobile RFID readers, RFID encoders and RFID tags.We are providing RFID services for customer to meet all of their needs. Below are our RFID services-

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    RFID Consulting

    Need consultation in RFID projects wheather it is for hardware or software, the RFID consulting experts at Ruddersoft can help. Read More»

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    RFID Site Assessment (Survey)

    The purpose of the site assessment is to evaluate the environment in which the RFID system would come in place. Read More»

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    RFID Application Development

    Are you searching for the best RFID application development partner in India? Ruddersoft is here to help you. Read More»

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    RFID Application Deployment

    Typically, installing a system requires basic hardware-including tag chips, tag antennas, readers as well as reader control and application software. Read More»

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    RFID Application Integration

    The RFID system can be put in use in the most effective and efficient way only if it is integrated seamlessly with the existing systems in the organization. Read More»

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    RFID Application Maintenance

    Improvement, Rerun stopped existing RFID system, or fixing the problem in he existing RFID system. Read More»

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    RFID Support

    Hardware support services, software support, expert technical support, & resolving integration issues etc..Read More»

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    RFID Education & Training

    RFID history, concepts and applications, global technical and data standards, deployment training, & maintenance training etc Read More»

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    Dedicated Onsite Engineers

    We provides well trained dedicated RFID engineers according to your requirement at your site.Read More»

Barcode services

We offer barcode design and development services. Ruddersoft offers a wide selection of labels and tags. These solutions are completely customizable to cater to client needs. We provide you quality barcodes to deliver continuous supply chain performance which help you to get high business results. Below are our barcode services-

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    Barcode Consulting

    Ruddersoft offers a variety of consulting services that will improve your business. With years of practical experience, we’re able to approach your issues from a broad business perspective.We can provide whatever level of assistance is required, including analysis of a problem, recommendations for H/W and S/W, custom programming, and complete system integration.

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    Barcode Development

    We focus, visualize and revolutionize based innovative Barcode application development. We provides you both Barcode based hardware and software. We made the S/W for Personalization using desktop Barcode reader and scanners.We provide the platforms for managing Barcode data and routing it between labels, readers or other auto identification devices and enterprise systems.

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    Barcode Deployment

    Deploying a Barcode system necessitates multiple actors and many different components. Typically, installing a system requires basic hardware-including labels, readers as well as reader control and application software, and solution providers to put it all together. When all of these components come together, an infinite number of creative applications are possible.

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    Barcode Integration

    Everybody has a slightly different picking process in their warehouse, everybody has a different layout to their factory floor and nobody change it for Barcode integration, we solve your problem we make Barcode software for you which is compatible with your software. We are not change your system we integrated our solution with your System and provide the desire result.

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    Barcode Verification

    Barcode Verification is the measurement of the quality of a barcode and check that the barcode are according to an agreed-upon quality standard. We analyze and measure the print quality of the barcode to ensure that it can be read by even the most basic scanners in a range of environments. We are confirming that qualities of the printed barcode match an industry standard.

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    Barcode Education & Training

    We offer education and basic training in Barcode technology from a business benefits perspective. We provide personalized training to the IT, logistics and marketing department of your company in order to bring awareness and understanding of how to benefit from Barcode technology. For those companies and individuals who have facing problems, then consult with us.

IoT services

Our IoT services offering smart consulting, good integration and implementation solutions enabling businesses original across machine data analytics and increase the reality. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and services help an organization to boost working orders and transform their business models.

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    Raspberry Pi Design & Development Services

    we can help you expert to design great solutions based on the Raspberry Pi. We are not just an offshore software development company. For each project, our goal is to excel in three different panoramas: Technical, Business, and User. The services we offer in this sector will provide you a feature-rich and responsive mobile experience for your Raspberry Pi.Read More»