Library Management System

Realize 360° Library operations with our Library Management System

Library Management System

Introduction to Library Management System

An all-inclusive library management can not only streamline day-to-day library operations but it can also enhance in-library experience for the users as well.

Ruddersoft’s IoT-based Library Management System can felicitate self service, library inventory management, asset tracking, and library access control as well.

  • Customized dashboard
  • Insights and reports
  • Easy integrations
  • Smart workflows
  • Quick deployment
  • 24*7 support

360° Business Advantage

Ruddersoft’s Library Management System is scalable, IoT-based software enabling a 360° business advantage. Technologies like RFID, BLE, barcoding etc. can help streamline the day-to-day library operations including borrowing, acquisition, cataloguing and classification, storage, and retrieval.

It employs advance encryption to keep your documents safe from unauthorized access and enables real-time tracking for better control over your sensitive documents.

Track books, journals, manuscripts, and other valuable assets throughout the library premises.

Numbers of books, journals, manuscripts, CDs etc. is automatically updated. New stock can be updated easily as well.

All the data about new acquisition, cataloguing and borrowings can be integrated at one platform. Automated Insights and reports enable better decision making.

Prevent unauthorized access and theft of books, journals, manuscripts and other valuable assets.

With our IoT-based library management system in place, library staffs can tend to more pressing issues and improve day-to-day library operations, creating a unique experience for readers.


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A Comprehensive Library Management Solution


Keep track of books and manuscripts by RFID tagging/labelling. Keep your inventory up to date.

Smart Library cards to automate the library borrowing system and secure access.

By strategically placing RFID checkout stations at exit points, readers can check-in & check-out on their own, without the need for manual entries.

Students can submit borrowed books using the RFID drop boxes. The details will be updated automatically.

Enhance access control and security to prevent unauthorized borrowing of books, manuscripts & other valuable items.

Get an IoT-based Library Management System especially designed for library operation automation.

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