Library -

Management System

Ruddersoft systems has designed library management system for library. RFID redefining the library process to make every one task easier from student to library staff.

Android Application Development

Smart Card Printer

The Primacy printer is extremely fast, powerful and efficient. Using advanced encoding technologies, this desktop printer is the best solution for issuing personalized cards, from the most simple to the most secure. Primacy is available in single and dual-sided versions and is the ideal choice for printing and encoding cards in medium and large runs.

RFID Security Gate

Security gate are placed at entry and exit of the library to prevent unauthorized movement of library books, CD’S and other valuable assets.

System Flow


Tagging Station

The Tagging station is a perfect tool Convert existing material to RFID quickly and easily. Tagging station write the RFID code in patron cards and update the information in the system database.

Self Check-In / Out Station

The patron self-check station provides a powerful, flexible package that enables patrons to manage their own transactions easily and efficiently. It simplifies the checkout, check-in and renewal process, helps eliminate waiting lines, ensures patron privacy and increases patron satisfaction

Electromagnetic Antitheft Security Strips

Electro magnetic security strips are made by high quality materials and non-acidic adhesive, and will not damage the pages in long run. Electro magnetic system is used for library, book store and book shop etc.

Smart Card

We are the leading manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter, service provider of a comprehensive assortment of privilege card, card holder, smart card etc. from India. Ruddersoft is one of the major suppliers of high-quality smart PVC cards, HF MIFARE Classic 1K Card etc.

RFID Book Label

HF RFID Card /Book and CD/DVD RFID Label.

Grow Your Visibility With the India’s Library Management System

Our Library Management System platform is the leading library management solution on the web.