Ultra High Frequency (UHF) readers are most commonly used RFID readers in Passive RFID system configuration.

At Ruddersoft, we offer various passive UHF RFID readers with a range of up to 15m.


UHF Integrated RFID Readers

Integrated RFID readers are small in size and come with integrated antenna housed inside the Reader unit itself. These are easy to install, space saving, and amount to better aesthetics, removing the need for antenna cables.

Integrated RFID reader is used for parking management, automated attendance and other customized applications as well owing to its small form factor. These readers work well within a distance range of 15m and frequency range of 865mHz-867mHz.

UHF Fixed RFID Readers

UHF Fixed RFID readers are available in various shapes and sizes that offer a frequency range of up to 15m and high read-rate without interference.

UHF Desktop/ USB RFID Readers

UHF Desktop/USB RFID readers are very compact and small in size. Such RFID readers can be employed using the USB port of the DESKTOP or LAPTOP etc. These are mostly used for short to medium range application like document tracking, access control, smart selves etc. It is also known as Plug and Play RFID Reader.

We supply various UHF Desktop/USB RFID readers from various brands, available in different price range, technical details and form factors.

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