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  • Costs of jewellery Inventory Control

    A good jewellery inventory management system requires varying levels of up-front investment. It requires a unique number somehow permanently affixed to the jewellery, and a database that maintains a record of the jewellery’s location.

  • Jewellery Security

    Stolen jewellery can be electronically traced using a jewellery tracking solution. Tracing all programs work when the jewellery connects to the Internet and secretly reports the location of the jewellery.

  • Real-Time jewellery tracking system

    Time is money- people in business have realized how true the statement is. By using a jewellery tracking software, you can track items as they arrive or are moved to particular locations in real-time.

  • Real time jewellery inventory updating

    A full-proof jewellery inventory management system is essential to properly manage the existing stock and avoid overstocking of items or replenishing depleted stocks.

How Can Use RFID Jewellery Tracking Solutions

We attach the best and effective labels on inventory which is the help to track easily. Once tags will attach to an item, the tag cannot be removed without deactivation. Any tampering and/or misplacement can be detected while taking inventory using a handheld RFID reader, RFID fixed reader or an RFID platform.

Benefits of RFID in Jewellery tracking

Currently, most of the jewelers track inventory on a daily or weekly basis. It’s been tough to calculate small or single pieces in one time and also time-consuming work because this process is totally manually which requires handling of each jewelry item separately.

  • Powerful and quick response due to electro-magnetic technology used
  • Greater control over stock
  • Increase preventing loss and theft management
  • Monitor jewellery movement on continuous basis.
  • Track and trace all Jewellery
  • Increased accuracy, security and visibility.
  • Reduction in manual cost & time loss.

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