Jewelry Tracking System

Enable real-time tracking and prevent theft of your valuable jewelry items.

Jewelry Tracking System

Introduction to JTS

A Jewelry Tracking System is designed to use IoT technologies to increase the visibility of your valuable jewelries inside the store while providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Our Jewelry Tracking system allows you real-time tracking of your jewelries, prevents thefts and stock shrinkage.

  • Web and mobile applications
  • Customized dashboard
  • Insights and reports
  • Easy integrations
  • Smart workflows
  • Quick deployment
  • Cybersecurity
  • 24*7 Support
Jewelry Tracking and Management

Jewelry Tracking and
Management in Jewelry Stores

In jewelry stores and jewelry inventory, accurate tracking and management of jewelry items is paramount. Shop owners need to balance in-store security with customer experience.

Ruddersoft Jewelry Management Solutions offers end-to-end jewelry inventory management with accurate tracking of every piece of jewelry within the premises.

The use of RFID labels as well as Barcode labels on jewelry items provides item-level visibility and real-time tracking and localization. With the help of RFID Readers, Barcode Scanners, and integrated jewelry management software, jewelry businesses can prevent stock shrinkage and provide enhanced customer experience in their jewelry stores.

RFID Tagging of Jewelry Items and Inventory Management

As part of Ruddersoft Jewelry Management solution, all the jewelry items are tagged with RFID labels (with barcode), and a database is created for the inventory and in-store jewelry items.

  • Accurate inventory
  • Inventory replenishment and reconciliations
  • Prevent stock shrinkage and theft
  • Quick inventory search using a handheld RFID Reader
  • Quick cyclic audits
RFID Tagging of Jewelry Items and Inventory Management

Gate System

Ruddersoft Jewelry Tracking and Management Solution employ a gate system where each time a jewelry item passes through the entry/exit gates, a gate pass/ challan is generated. A handheld RFID Reader is employed for this purpose.

  • Unauthorized movement tracking (unbilled items or items without a gate pass)
  • An alarm is raised and an SMS/email is sent.
  • Gate system prevents theft and ensures that no jewelry items leave the store or the inventory without a gate pass or a bill.
  • Inventory is updated in real-time.
Jewelry Tracking and Management

Ruddersoft Jewelry Management Mobile Application

Jewelry Management Mobile Application

A Jewelry Management mobile application is designed to provide visibility and real-time tracking of jewelry items within the jewelry store and the inventory.

With POS (Point of Sale), it ensures that no jewelry item, either without bill or gate pass, leaves the store/inventory.

Ruddersoft’s Jewelry Management App offers the following benefits to jewelry store owners:

  • A digital list of all the jewelry items in the shop and inventory/warehouse with RFID and Barcode labeling.
  • Digital, remote monitoring of jewelry items and jewelry tracking.
  • Complete automation and accurate inventory management.
  • Reduced human errors and an optimized inventory.
  • Quick jewelry inventory audits and reconciliation.
  • Unbilled item movement tracking and SMS/email alerts if that happens.
  • Gate pass generation and real-time inventory updation.

Jewelry business owners can download our Jewelry Management Application from Google Play Store for free.

 Barcode-based Jewelry Management System

Barcode-based Jewelry Management System

Like RFID, a barcode-based Jewelry Management Software System is also quite efficient. Barcode labels provide unique identification to every jewelry item and the movement of each jewelry item is tracked through a gate system and it is ensured that unbilled jewelry items do not leave the store.

  • Each jewelry item is tagged with a barcode label with product details and other information.
  • Barcode scanners are used for bill/gate pass generation.
  • Accurate inventory and jewelry store management.
  • Unauthorized movement tracking of jewelry items using bills and gate passes.
  • Quick audits and inventory reconciliation
  • Theft prevention.
  • Enhanced customer experience with POS (Point of Sale) integration.

360° Business Advantage

Our Jewelry Tracking System not only gives you competitive edge over next door competitors but also enables 360° jewelry management and enhanced customer experience. It’s a cost-effective, simplistic solution that provides you with scalability and flexibility in day-to-day operations.


Integration of RFID readers at strategic locations like display cases, billing counters & exit gates, provides you with real-time tracking.


With the help of IoT based tracking, you can automate updating the inventory in real time.


The tracking measures put in place by the integration of IoT technology make your security robust.


Due to the high security, the Jewelry Tracking System makes it very difficult for anyone to steal items from your store or inventory.


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A Comprehensive Jewelry Tracking Solution

Jewelry Tracking Solution

Ruddersoft’s Jewelry Tracking System is designed to be scalable and flexible in application. It is equally suited to small as well as large jewelry businesses and can handle volumes of transactions at once.

The Jewelry Tracking System automatically integrates data like item specifications, price, location, bills, etc. into a single database for easy viewing.

It also equips you with automated reports and valuable insights regarding sales, purchases and inventory for data driven decision making. You can reduce risks, cut losses and run an advantageous business.

Need a Jewelry Tracking System for 100% visibility of your valuable jewelry? Ruddersoft can help!

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