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Ruddersoft offers A to Z QR Code solutions and customization as per client needs. It’s efficient, cost-effective and highly reliable.

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Introduction to QR Code

QR Code, short for Quick Response Code, is a 2D barcode image that offers high readability, quick read rate and can be customized with texts, image, URL, pdf, forms etc., which is not possible with traditional barcodes.

  • Static and Dynamic QR Codes
  • QR Code-based Inventory Management
  • QR Code-based Marketing and Advertising
  • QR Code Payment

How Ruddersoft Can Help

Ruddersoft is a recognized IT firm engaged in delivering unmatchable IoT and Software development services across the world.

Our team of experienced software development experts is well versed in designing, upgrading and customizing software systems using efficient methodologies.

We also create robust QR Code Software using APIs to address labelling and asset tracking needs in many businesses such as retail and logistics.

A QR code generator is very critical to implementing QR codes in a business setting.

A key feature of our QR software development is the quick QR code scanning ability. With large amount of QR codes being scanned every second, efficient QR code scanning is crucial for many businesses looking to enhance customer experience and drive growth.

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR Code

A Dynamic QR code offers versatility over static QR code and barcode as it can be edited and customized even after being generated and circulated.

  • It can also provide information regarding no. of scans, location and time of scan as well.
  • Advertisers and promoters, using dynamic QR codes, can direct, modify a particular campaign for specific regions.

QR Code-based inventory management

At Ruddersoft, we offer QR code inventory management solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to manage their inventory with precision and accuracy.

Our QR code inventory solutions include QR code tags and labels and QR code readers/scanners that come with high read-rate, are portable and efficient. We also provide businesses with QR code inventory management software to increase inventory visibility and to streamline their day to day inventory management.

Dynamic QR code

QR Code-based marketing and advertising

Our QR code based marketing and advertising solutions include customizable QR-based brochures, business cards, etc. With our dynamic QR code-based brochures, you can monitor the impact of certain ad campaigns targeted at specific group of people and region and modify it as well. You can track the no. of scans, time and location to take decisive actions as well.

QR Code Payment

At RSPL, we offer QR code inventory management solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to manage their inventory with precision and accuracy.

QR code-based digital payments have become a revolution in India with thousands of QR code payments being completed on daily basis.

Our QR Code payment solutions include high quality QR sound box, QR code stand, etc.

QR Code Payment

Implement end-to-end QR Code solutions for asset tagging, digital payments, digital marketing and advertisement.

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