QR code solution services

QR Codes connect this present reality with the digital world. They store information which can be recovered just by scanning it utilizing a cell phone with a QR Code Reader installed on it. Company Technologies gives thorough arrangement of apparatuses and services to determine the full advantages of QR Code under the name company.


Key Takeaways. Quick reaction (QR) codes are square-shaped matrices of dark or light pixels used to encode and rapidly recover information utilizing PC devices.


It is a machine-scan able picture that can quickly be read using a smartphone camera. Each QR code comprises of various dark squares and dots which represent certain pieces of information.


QR Codes are secure. Static QR Codes are machine-readable and the substance inside them can't be changed once generated. The substance inside a Dynamic QR Code.

Dynamic QR code

The usage of QR Codes in medical care fills in as a ground-breaking solution in improving communication, transparency, and data between healthcare services suppliers, parental figures, and care beneficiaries.

    List of Dynamic QR Code solutions
  • Share a downloadable PDF file.
  • Link your app from multiple app stores in one QR Code.
  • Display detailed contact info with a save to phone feature.
  • Link to all your social media profiles in one QR Code.
  • Link to any page on the web and change the link whenever you want.
  • Display your detailed business information

QR Codes in Healthcare: Why it Makes a Difference

The usage of QR Codes in medical care fills in as a ground-breaking solution in improving communication, transparency, and data between healthcare services suppliers, parental figures, and care beneficiaries.

    QR Codes in healthcare: Use-cases
  • Patient identification
  • Healthcare marketing 
  • Medical equipment information 
  • Procedure information for patients 


Give your customers in excess of an bland business card with essential contact data; let them become more acquainted with you. Use a QR code on your business card to incorporate something beyond the standard name, title, phone number, address and email. Since QR codes can store considerably more information than a conventional barcode, add connects to your site, blog, social media records, photograph and other expert profiles

QR codes additionally show possible customers and others that you comprehend and acknowledge how bustling they are and you need to make things simpler for them-one scan with a smart phone and all your data can be saved quickly in their contacts.

QR code inventory management

Company gives custom QR code development solutions for inventory management. We incorporate outsider stages, program implanted programming, and firmware for preparing and satisfaction. As an element of database management, we empower QR codes to use information, reality when tracking inventory anyplace inside a warehouse using a versatile mobile phone or tablet.


You can think about a QR code as a paper-based hyperlink that associates the actual world with the online world. For marketers, QR codes permit notices, brochures, banners-in any event, attire or announcements-to guide clients to portable points of arrival that contain substantially more data and interactivity than can be managed on the printed page.

QR Code Payment

QR code payment is a contactless payment technique where payment is performed by scanning a QR code from a mobile application. This is an option in contrast to doing electronic supports move at retail location using a payment terminal.

  • Scan & pay
  • Static and Dynamic QR code support
  • Card-less transactions


    Mistakes occur and you need to make the correction cycle as effortless as workable for you and the purchaser. Incorporate a QR code on things, for example, your business stationery material and invoices that drives straightforwardly to your customer site for such supportive data as contact numbers, client guides, and (if necessary) bring labels.


    Company of using accounting pages or paper-based log sheets to manage assets? It is extremely simple to forget about the assets if your business actually depends on obsolete types of asset management the executives, particularly when managing many assets. Also the time and efforts spent while auditing the assets.

    Contact us for a better solution that won't just cut the time spent in tracking assets/inventory, yet additionally costs. We give a complete answer for organizations that need assistance taking physical inventory, looking after responsibility, and controlling physical assets both on and off-site.


    Associations issue different reports, for example, offer/arrangement letter, experience testament, and address evidence and so on These records are perused by partners including representatives and outsider associations, for example, banks/financial institutions.

    There are numerous occurrences revealed of fakes where an association's letterhead and the mark picture of approved signatory are glued into archives that are not given by the organization. Such fakes incorporate manufactured experience authentications submitted to imminent managers and produced pay climb letters submitted to banks/financial organizations as a component of credit application preparing.

    QR Codes can be utilized to verify Records. The QR code can be set in records for outsider clients to check the authenticity of such archives. The QR code confirms the genuineness of the archive not exclusively to untouchables yet additionally to your own association on the off chance that you wish to check the authenticity of the report at a later point as expected.