Highly configurable solution to suit your Laptop Tracking

RFID Tags are extensively used to track all types of IT Assets such as Laptops, Test Equipment, Network Routers, Tablets, Smartphone’s, iPhones, Androids, Blackberry and Accessories.

RFID based Laptop Tracking Software

Reduced errors, increased speed, Easy-to-track.

Many laptops are lost or stolen each year. Laptop security should be every owner’s high priority. Not just protection from physical loss, also from internal loss. Your security needs to be maintained and updated. So we provide the best solution to protect your laptop for not stolen or loss.We provide software that enables your laptop to “check in” or “check out” to a tracking point by using signals.

We install this extra layer of protection not only to prevent stolen laptops but also prevent your information from leaking out. We fitted some very sophisticated RFID devices at “Entry” and “Exit” gate that can help to track easily.

We would like to introduce you to the benefits of Laptop Tracking System-

  • Real Time laptop IT Tracking

    Time is money- people in business have realized how true the statement is. By using a laptop tracking software, you can track items as they arrive or are moved to particular locations in real-time. You can spot duplicate records and remove them from the system to avoid confusion. It consumes time also.

  • Laptop Security

    Stolen laptops can be electronically traced using a laptop tracking software installed inside the laptop's hard drive. Tracing all programs work when the laptop connects to the Internet and secretly reports the location of the laptop. Rudder soft is a company offering an interesting twist to laptop tracking. We offer a facility to remotely delete or encrypt sensitive files on your laptop after it is stolen.

  • Saves you Maintenance Costs

    To enhance operational efficiency and save your business from unnecessary maintenance costs, identifying unproductive items or products on time is important. You can also keep track of a maintenance cost which helps to decide when to repair or retire a certain item. This can be even more beneficial when paired with custom reports.

Features of Laptop Tracking Software

Companies are progressively concerned about the security of employee laptops. As a result, laptops end up with all kinds of business critical and even confidential information. Laptops are an important tool and a common fixture in practically every company these days.

  • Additional information is stored on the laptop tag therefore available offline.
  • Real time IN/OUT information is available.
  • Identify the unauthorized movement.
  • Less human interventions therefore less chances for errors
  • Quick throughput
  • Fully integrated with RFID Technology
  • Laptop tracking can be a time-consuming
  • Laptop tracking system can also reduce risks associated with regulatory compliance
  • It needs access to contracts, budgets, documentation, training materials, and warranties associated with laptops to properly manage them through their life cycle.
  • Laptop tracking systems aim to reduce the labour cost.

RFID laptop tracking has seen tremendous growth in the corporate sector. One of the key concerns is related to its movement in & out of office usually on a daily basis. This makes laptops susceptible to theft which not only is loss of asset but more importantly loss of valuable and at times sensitive data. It is important for organization to ensure that right person carries the right laptop into & out of the facility. In some cases one would want to track movement of laptop within a facility & across facilities of same organization.