Asset/Inventory Management Solutions

  • RFID Asset Tracking System Using Fixed Reader

    Moving to fixed mount readers with passive RFID reduces the effort requisite to identification of assets. Assets can be read consecutive with no human interference. The process of tracking asset movements in real-time using fixed RFID readers.

  • RFID Asset Tracking System Using Handheld

    Handheld RFID readers use to automate the process of auditing and locating fixed assets. Using handheld device to automate the process of physically auditing their fixed assets. In addition to improving asset visibility....

  • Barcode Asset Tracking System Using Handheld

    When you do asset tracking, barcode instead of entering data manually, you uniquely identify an item, avoid errors associated with the manual entries and allow for the fast processing of asset transactions.

  • Asset Inventory Management System

    RFID inventory systems provide inventory tracking, management and loss prevention solutions, while our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags provide item-level visibility of all items in your inventory.

Build your own customized Reports

Generate any type of report (like location wise, status wise, date wise reports etc.) with selected column and with all column with excel export and print option. You can add multiple documents related to assets.

Asset/Inventory Management Solutions Includes


    All your organization’s asset data made accessible, adaptable, and reliable.


    Stop wasting your time logging information that is more easily captured with an efficient barcode asset tracking system.


    Save time by managing user accounts, permissions, and security settings in one place. Enterprise-grade role-based security allows you to define fine-grained access rights for each user.


    Quickly find exactly what you need with smart views and conditional search feature. Users can create and save custom views that are pertinent to their needs and share them across the organization.


    Choose a standard report or build our own. Compile and visualize data that keeps you informed about your organization.


  • education


    Asset Tracking Software is used by Schools, Universities and other Education Institutions. You can track material items for Staff, Student, and Faculty members alike.

    Assets Tracked Include:

    • Computers and Tablets
    • Aids for Special Needs Students
    • Administrative/Classroom Furniture and Equipment
    • Audio and Visual Equipment
    • Band Instruments
    • Books and Library Materials
    • Lab and Research Items
    • Sporting Gear
  • education

    IT & Commercial Sector

    Businesses of all types rely on out asset tracking software to meet their asset tracking needs. Our customers provide services in technical, financial, medical, entertainment, and other industry segments.

    Assets Tracked Include:

    • Computers and Networking Equipment
    • All IT Assets like Pendrive, Laptop, Mobiles etc
    • Office Furniture and Equipment
    • Artwork and other Museum Valuables
    • TV Show and Commercial Media
    • Medical Instruments and Supplies
    • Documents and Production Folders
  • education


    Local, State, and Federal government agencies look to Ruddersoft for their Asset Tracking needs. Police, Fire, Military, Embassies, Space & Aeronautic, Municipalities and governing groups are some examples of goverment users.

    Assets Tracked Include:

    • Safety and Emergency Apparatus
    • Weapons and Tactical Items
    • Case Files
    • Tools
    • IT Equipment
    • Electric Equipment
  • education


    Electrical, HVAC, Construction, and Industrial companies use Asset Tracking to manage the large volume of equipment critical to their day-to-day operations.

    Assets Tracked Include:

    • Consumable Materials
    • Power Equipment
    • Specialty Hardware
    • Protection Gear