Barcode Labels

At Ruddersoft, we provide Barcode Labels and Stickers in different material qualities, shapes and sizes as per customer requirements.

Paper Labels Polyester Labels Polypropylene Labels
Barcode Labels

Paper Labels

Paper Labels are general purpose Labels, mostly used on shipping packages and in inventory control.

Polyester Labels

Much like plastic Labels, polyester Labels are also suitable for outdoor, heavy use and harsh environments like in chemical industry and manufacturing etc.

Polypropylene Labels

Slightly durable than paper Labels, these are oil and water resistant. Polypropylene Labels are also general purpose.

Plastic Labels

Plastic Labels are used for outdoor and indoor use where water resistance, abrasion and durability is an issue.

Polyimide Labels

Mostly used in electronics industry where temperature resistance is important.

Polyethylene Labels

These are ideal for curved surfaces such as bottles and vaccine vials.

Vinyl Labels

Vinyl labels are temper-proof and for single use. Strong adhesive on vinyl Labels makes it impossible to remove without damaging it.

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