• Paper Labels

    Our paper labels provide excellent print quality and an aggressive permanent adhesive suitable for general inventory, packaging and shipping labels.

  • Plastic Labels

    Our plastic labels offer excellent resistance to water and smudging. They are flexible and well-suited for applications where durability, strength and excellent printability are important. They are temperature adhesive and outdoor durable for 3 to 6 months depending on climate conditions. Our standard polyester labels are waterproof, scratch / tear resistant and provides excellent durability.

  • Polyester Labels

    Polyester labels are the most durable types of labels and the ideal choice for heavy use and rugged environments. Our labels are available in customer specified color, thickness and dimensions. They are the ideal choice for outdoor use, harsh conditions, or exposure to chemicals.

  • Polypropylene Labels

    Polypropylene is oil, water and tear resistant. They are only slightly more expensive than paper labels making them a good choice for low level durability.

  • Polyethylene Labels

    Polyethylene is ideal for use on curved surfaces such as bottles or vials. It is water and chemical resistant.

  • Polyimide Labels

    Polyimide is a polymeric plastic material that is designed specifically for long-term durability at very high heat (in excess of 250°C). It is a good choice for use in electronics

  • Vinyl Labels

    Vinyl labels with a strong adhesive are especially tamper-resistant, breaking up into small pieces if anyone tries to remove it.