• Wax Ribbons

    Our wax ribbons are extremely versatile and can be used with a wide range of paper media. Wax ribbons can be used for general purpose labeling,shipping labels, address labels, garment tags, price tickets, warehouse applications, compliance label printing, including shelf and bin labels, retail tag and label applications.

  • Wax-Resin Ribbons

    Wax-Resin ribbons are a combination of wax and resin based colorant substances in which resin substances hold a greater percentage. Wax-Resin ribbons are made of two or more layers. Wax-Resin ribbons can be used with glossy or smooth surfaces, synthetic materials.

  • Resin Ribbons

    Resin Ribbons contain the highest percentage of resin materials. Resin ribbons are made up of two are more layers. They are ideally suited for printing on synthetic materials, including textile bases, and are highly resistant to abrasion, temperature, solvents and purifiers