Inventory Management System

Take control over your inventory with Ruddersoft’s comprehensive IMS

Inventory Management System

Introduction to IMS

A holistic inventory control and inventory management allows for value creation and growth in supply chain, logistics and retail businesses. It eliminates stock shrinkage and enhances overall asset visibility for better inventory management.

Our Inventory Management System enables accurate and efficient tracking of your inventory by providing real-time visibility into your stock levels and reducing the risk of errors. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your specific needs and develop a customized inventory solution that meets your requirements as well.

  • Customized dashboard
  • Easy Integration
  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reports and insights

360° Business Advantage

An effective inventory control and management benefits the business in multiple ways. Use of IoT and AIDC technologies to enhance the asset visibility, track asset movement and to manage inventory can transform the business entirely.

Enable 100% asset visibility throughout the inventory using RFID, BLE, etc.

Better human capital utilization by automated inventory control using technology.

Keep tabs on inventory stocks and eliminate stock shrinkage issues.

Enhanced order fulfilment by updated inventory and technology based inventory control.


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A Comprehensive Inventory Management Solution

Designed to enhance productivity


Use of innovative technologies and optimization of business processes helps streamline the entire inventory control. With automated reports and insights, lead time and replenishment period can be figured out easily.

Use of technologies like radio frequency identification (RFID) and EAS can improve the security and access control at the inventory premises. RFID bands, ID cards can be issued to staff members for better access control.

With better inventory operation optimization and automation, the overall productivity is increased. Inventory Staffs can easily manage high volumes of traffic and transactions.

Ruddersoft’s Inventory management system is highly scalable and flexible. It gives you 360 degree view of your inventory and reduces unnecessary labor costs and human-errors.

Implement an IoT-based Inventory Management System for 100% visibility of your inventory and enhanced inventory control.

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