Warranty Management System

Our Warranty Management system based on RFID involves RFID tagging of products during the manufacturing/assembly itself. A database with unique product identification no. further ensures streamlined warranty registration and management.

Warranty Management System

A Streamlined Way to Manage Warranty on Products

Our vendor-agnostic platform offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the warranty process by making it easier to register products for warranty. Our warranty management software solutions allow you to effortlessly keep track of RFID tagged products, providing you with critical data to improve your products and client services.

RFID Tagging at Production

Our warranty management system involves tagging a product with RFID tag while in production; giving it a unique identification no. it helps with product identification when it is returned later for service or repair.

Software and Database

A database is created for RFID tagged products and their warranty details such as year of manufacturing, warranty period, repair and return conditions etc. are stored. The warranty management software allows for a streamlined warranty services.

Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration is done when the product is sold to dealers or end customers through a self warranty registration channel.

Warranty Management

With the RFID tags on products, product identity is easily confirmed when it is returned for repair or service. It ensures a cost-effective warranty management and helps with identification of counterfeit goods as well.

Connecting Businesses to Vendors and Customers

Our Warranty Management Services offer you scalability, real-time solutions, and tangible results. With our digital Warranty Management Solutions you can tag products in production itself and keep a record of unique product IDs in the software database.

With technologies like RFID and QR Code tagging, we help you keep track of genuine warranty claims on sold products and services. Our comprehensive Warranty Management Services provide a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution, accommodating company rules and warranty registration for systematic warranty management in real-time.

The source tagging of products and appliances such as water tanks, kitchen appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, household items such as air coolers, closets etc. with RFID tags during manufacturing allows for better warranty registrations and management for vendors and customers.


Warranty Management Services Streamlined

Our platform is customizable, flexible, and easy to use, giving you peace of mind in your warranty management process by keeping a database of all the RFID tagged products. It effectively streamlines the entire task of warranty management.

  • The RFID/QR code tagged products (tagged at source) are easy to track post production.
  • It also helps with accurate inventory management, inventory control and keeping track of warranty registration with product details.
  • Our warranty management services are also beneficial to vendors and end customers.
  • It’s a cost-effective warranty management system which effectively eliminates counterfeiting and cuts operational costs from the warranty management process.

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