Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners use optical sensors to scan barcodes. We, at Ruddersoft, offer a wide range of barcode scanners in handheld and fixed configuration in small compact sizes.

Barcode Scanners

Presentation Barcode Scanner

  • Presentation barcode scanners are designed to be used on counters where barcode tagged articles are passed by.
  • Ruddersoft offers various Presentation barcode scanners with small form factor, durable design, which are equipped to scan barcodes with great accuracy.
  • These are hands free and capable of scanning at any angle as well.

Handheld Barcode Scanner

We, at Ruddersoft, offer a wide range of lightweight, durable handheld barcode scanners that come with high read-rate, capable of reading 1D (barcode) and 2D (QR Code) barcodes, available in affordable prices.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

At Ruddersoft, we provide high quality, rigid, high precision and read-rate, ‘Omni-directional’ scanning capable Fixed mount barcode scanner that are designed for small form factor needs often requested by customers.

In-counter Barcode Scanner

  • These barcode scanners are designed to be fitted into counters where a wide area is available to place tagged items.
  • Ruddersoft offers a wide range of in-counter barcode scanner, available in different need-based specifications. These are highly durable, long lasting and fast, and come with high read-rate.
  • In-counter barcode scanners are mostly used in grocery and retail stores.

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