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As a market leader in RFID solution providers, Ruddersoft has been the most reliable partner in providing the best of RFID Readers, RFID tags, and RFID Software Solutions to a wide range of clients in India.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

A Brief Introduction: What is RFID?

RFID, short for Radio Frequency Identification, is a wireless technology that uses electromagnetic fields and radio frequency signals to identify and track RFID-tagged objects and individuals, using an RFID reader.

An RFID solution employs three main components of RFID technology, namely RFID Reader, RFID Tag, and RFID Software. All three work together to efficiently identify and track assets, pallets, containers, RTIs, medical tools, manufacturing equipment, electronic devices, and even apparel.

At Ruddersoft, we provide comprehensive RFID Asset Management solutions for Jewelry Management, Inventory Management, Retail Store Inventory, Hospital Inventory, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Warehouse Management, Tool Tracking, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management, Parking Management, etc.

Enhanced Visibility

Track and manage your valuable assets with latest RFID solutions to enhance the visibility of assets at work premises.

High Accuracy and Read-Rate

RFID is a wireless technology that doesn’t need a clear line of sight to read RFID tagged assets with accuracy, without failure.

Prevent Counterfeiting

RFID tagging of assets also gives ways to ensure that product you receive are not counterfeit.

Optimized Growth

RFID has become synonymous with optimized business processes driving growth in various vertical markets.

How Ruddersoft Helps: RFID Consulting

As a leading RFID solution provider, Ruddersoft offers RFID consulting services to help businesses implement and optimize RFID technology for enhanced visibility and efficiency. We provide expert guidance on implementing the right RFID solutions to meet your business needs. Our team of RFID experts can help you optimize your business processes for maximum efficiency, value, and cost-saving by helping you choose the right RFID tag, RFID reader and antenna system, and customized RFID software that we design for you.

How Ruddersoft Helps

How to get started with RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification is a prominent AIDC technology. RFID is very efficient when it comes to short-range wireless communication-based identification and tracking of objects and individuals. Unlike Barcoding, an RFID Reader can read RFID-tagged objects sans a clear line of sight, remotely. RFID offers unmatched accuracy and efficiency when it comes to identification and real-time tracking of assets in warehouses, retail stores, the healthcare sector, education, and supply chain and manufacturing amongst others.


An RFID tag is a small device that contains an antenna and a microchip/IC. These tags are mainly passive and active. Passive RFID tags do not come with a power source such as batteries while active RFID tags do and that is why active RFID tags provide a long read range (up to 100m) while passive RFID tags provide a read range of up to 12m (RAIN RFID Tags). Semi-passive RFID tags are available that use batteries and send signals when they detect an RFID reader in the vicinity.

Passive RFID tags wait for the interrogating signals coming from the RFID reader in the vicinity and the antenna inside the tag uses the Reader signals (energy) to activate the microchip inside the tag. The passive RFID tag then sends the encoded information in the form of RF signals which are decoded by the RFID Reader. Passive RFID labels are inexpensive and only cost few US Cents.

Active RFID tags, however, do not wait for RFID reader signals but send their own RF signals periodically. Active RFID tags are costly and used in Real-time location tracking applications. Based on the operating frequency

RFID tags are of three types:

  • Low Frequency (125 KHz) RFID tags which offer a read range of up to 10 cm.
  • High Frequency (13.56 MHz) RFID tags which offer a read range of up to 100 cm.
  • Ultra High Frequency (860-960 MHz) RFID tags which offer a read range of up to 12-15m.

Ruddersoft provides RFID tags in various shapes and sizes namely RFID hard tags, RFID metal tags, RFID labels, RFID wet inlays, and Dry inlays, etc. Read More


RFID Readers

An RFID Reader is a device that is used to interrogate and read RFID signals coming from RFID tags. Fixed RFID readers require separate antennas to transmit and receive RFID signals, however, some RFID readers also come with in-built antenna, known as integrated RFID readers.

RFID Readers employ a variety of protocols to communicate with multiple RFID tags at once, offering a read rate of over 1200 tags per second. Even though an RFID reader reads one tag at a time (Anti-collision protocol), the high read rate makes it look like the reader is scanning all the tags at once.

Based on the physical configuration, RFID readers are of the following types:

  • Fixed RFID Readers
  • Handheld RFID Readers (Sled/Bluetooth , Android, Wearable)
  • Integrated RFID Readers
  • RFID Desktop/USB Readers, etc.

Ruddersoft provides a wide range of UHF RFID Readers be it Zebra Fixed RFID Readers (FX9600 Fixed RAIN RFID Reader, FX7500 Fixed RAIN RFID Reader), Zebra Handheld RFID Readers (RFD8500 Handheld RFID, MC3300 RFID Series Mobile Computers, and RFD40 UHF RFID Sleds) or C72 Handheld and Impinj R700 RAIN Reader. Read More

RFID Reader

RFID Antennas

An RFID antenna is a device that is used in transmitting and receiving radio frequency signals. Ruddersoft offers a wide range of circular and linear polarized long-range UHF RFID antennas.

These RFID antennas are suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications in warehouse management, retail, healthcare, parking management, supply chain and manufacturing applications.

Based on the operating range and specific use cases, RFID antennas are of the following types:

  • Long-range (Far-field) RFID Antennas
  • Short-range (Near-field) RFID Antennas
  • Multipurpose Antennas
  • Ground Antennas

Based on the polarization of the RFID antennas, we offer linear polarized and circular polarized RFID antennas as well. Read More


RFID Software and Solutions

Ruddersoft also offers RFID-based customized software solutions for various business applications. These software solutions are designed for asset tracking and asset management purposes while offering user friendly UI, scalability, easy software integrations, etc.

Our prominent RFID-based software solutions include:

Jewelry Tracking System

Jewelry Tracking System

Track and manage your valuable jewellery with the help of an efficient jewellery management system.

Read More
Asset Management System

Asset Management System

Get a unified view of all your valuable assets at one place and track asset uses and asset health.

Read More
Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Enhance Visitor experience and security at workplace with our Visitor Management System.

Read More
Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Optimize your warehouse operations by improving inventory accuracy and increasing productivity.

Read More
Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

Improve route optimization, reduce fuel costs, and enhance driver safety and accountability with our Vehicle Tracking System.

Read More
Parking Management System

Parking Management System

Get a streamlined parking with access control and security with our Parking Management System.

Read More
eMuseum-Artwork Management System

eMuseum-Artwork Management System

Get a centralized-platform for managing museum collections using our eMuseum-Artwork Management System.

Read More
Library Management System

Library Management System

Get a streamlined library management and hassle free customer experience.

Read More

End-to-end RFID solutions and services

Ruddersoft has been a consistent product and service provider in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) for many years now. With an extensive catalog of a wide range of IoT products and services, and technological expertise, Ruddersoft has created a niche in this field.

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