UHF (Ultra-high frequency) tags are those that can be used in the largest range of applications retail, pharmaceutical item tracking, books and media management, warehouse management, industrial supply chains and many other applications, where long read ranges resistance to harsh environments and low costs are required.UHF tags offer good read ranges and the ability for a number of tags to be read simultaneously. Our RFID tags are supported with industry standard inlays or custom coil based antenna.

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    We offers a variety of RFID label in different sizes.Our RFID labels consist of an attractive, white matte finish and utilize RFID chips from trusted sources. Our labels are designed to work with a variety of environment. We provide RFID converted labels (inserted inlays) in flexible sizes, materials & adhesives. Ideal for on-demand printing & encoding of item-level RFID labels in Retail (with custom printing).

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    Our metal tag is designed for metal objects and surfaces, as well as non-metal objects. The thin and flexible tag structure ideally suits curved and flat surfaces, and offers converters huge opportunities to create attractive solutions for end users. Our tags are typically cased within a hard shell and will survive hard impacts, moisture disclosure, and extreme temperatures.

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