Asset Management System

Track and Manage Your Assets with Ease.

RFID Based Asset Management System

Introduction to AMS

Asset Management has become an industry wide need to optimize day-to-day business operations. From retail to inventory control and supply chain, asset management is crucial for visibility and value creation. RFID is an efficient technology that can be leveraged in this regard.

Ruddersoft’s Asset Management System employs RFID technology to provide real-time asset tracking, ensuring that businesses always know where their assets are and how they are being used.

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Fixed Asset Register (FAR)
  • Asset Tagging and Tracking
  • Asset Lifecycle Tracking
  • Reports and Insights
  • Audit

360° Business Advantage

Take control of your assets with our powerful IoT-based asset management software.

Know where your assets are at all times with our RFID-based real-time asset tracking.

Tailor your asset tracking to your business needs with our customizable asset data fields.

Eliminate the need for manual data entry with our automated data capture.

Keep your assets in top shape with our maintenance tracking feature.

Our software provides detailed reporting on asset usage, maintenance costs, and more, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions.

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A Comprehensive Asset Management Solution


Ruddesoft’s AMS is designed to be scalable, suitable for all kinds of businesses. Flexibility to deploy as per needs makes it a cost-effective and efficient option.

It supports easy integrations, meaning you can use it by seamlessly integrating with existing ERP and CRM, without any additional infrastructure.

The ready-to-use smart workflows allow for better efficiency across sectors.

With automated asset management, reports and insights, human-errors and risks are severely eliminated.

Implement an IoT-based Asset Management System for comprehensive management of your valuable assets.

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