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iOS Application Development

We provide customized, future-proof, native iOS as well as cross platform applications tailored to our clients’ needs.

iOS Application Development

Introduction to iOS

iOS, formerly known as iPhone OS, is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., initially released in June, 2007. It is the world’s second most used mobile operating system after Android.

It is the operating system powering Apple’s iPhone mobile devices. iPadOS was also forked from iOS in 2019 to reflect its new capabilities.

At Ruddersoft, we provide iOS mobile software development for various businesses in retail, education, healthcare, supply chain, utility etc.

Swift Programming language

Swift is a faster and secure official language of iOS, with simpler syntax than Objective-C.


Xcode is the integrated development environment (IDE) for macOS. It comes with UI designer, code editor, testing engine and more.

APIs and Libraries

Use Apple’s native APIs and libraries as SDK for seamless integration of your into Apple’s infrastructure.

UI Testing

Use Xcode for automated UI testing, creating a real user’s interaction with your app.

How Ruddersoft helps

Our iOS development team is proficient in designing and developing native iOS using Objective C and Swift programming language. We also develop incredibly customized cross platform iOS apps using Flutter and react native programming tools.

Our iOS development program is provident and future oriented, creating business applications that employ cutting-edge Machine Learning and Edge Computing to connect the physical and the virtual, creating user specific recommendations and enhancing the user experience. We combine Internet of Things and Augmented Reality to create innovative apps for businesses and consumers, enabling an immersive user experience.

Our team of iOS experts is experienced in assessing the needs of our clients and developing tailored applications that meet their requirements, be it home security, transportation, healthcare, entertainment or business operations like data analytics, data visualization, and creating patterns and insights.

iOS app development

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