Vehicle Tracking System

IoT-based Vehicle Tracking System for efficient supply chain and seamless transportation.

Vehicle Tracking System

Introduction to VTS

A Vehicle Tracking System becomes a necessity at places where a large no. of vehicles is present or passes through.

Ruddersoft’s IoT Based Vehicle Tracking System is designed to identify, monitor, and track the movement of vehicles arriving at/passing through any particular location.

  • Web and mobile applications
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Insights and reports
  • Easy integrations
  • Smart workflows
  • Quick deployment

360° Business Advantage

An effective vehicle tracking system not only benefits businesses in supply chain and logistics but allows for better transportation services in high traffic cities as well.

It provides greater visibility to vehicles and enhances the overall vehicle management.

Reduced vehicle traffic and queuing at premises and at routes.

With increased visibility and insights, you can forecast the consignment delivery time and meet deadlines.

An efficient Vehicle Tracking System results in a robust supply chain and helps you cut losses and save costs.


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An IoT led transformation

An IoT-based Vehicle Tracking System is capable of transforming your day-to-day business operations.

Use of IoT technologies like RFID and LoRaWAN in combination with GPS allows for real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring. Businesses can track and control the movement of vehicles and fleets throughout the delivery routes to streamline day-to-day operations.

An efficient Vehicle Tracking System creates a robust supply chain, ensures automatic data collection at various entry and exit points. It allows Supply Chain businesses to manage large fleet and ensure timely delivery of inbound and outbound consignments. Thus, Supply chain automation led by vehicle tracking enhances visibility and drives growth.

With the help of Vehicle Tracking System, businesses can set targets and deadlines, ensure transparency in their day-to-day operations and enhance customer loyalty by informing them about delivery estimates.

Implement a comprehensive Vehicle Tracking System for an efficient supply chain and seamless transportation.

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