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Think RFID, Think Ruddersoft: A Ruddersoft Campaign

  • Ravi Pal
  • Jul 10, 2023
  • RFID System
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Use of technology to strengthen the service sector including the supply chain and logistics businesses in India is the need of the hour. As the Indian PM, in September 2022, emphasized the need to bring down the total logistics costs in India to 6-8% of GDP by 2030, from current 12-14% of GDP, the efforts are being made to use new age technologies such as RFID, QR Code, Internet of Things, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, GPS, RTLS and LoRaWAN etc. to do the undoable.

The National Logistics Policy (NLP), 2022, also laid down some plans to achieve this target of creating a robust supply chain and logistics infrastructure across multiple shipping channels including airways, shipways and highways.

Enough data is available to state that RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has provided the much needed push to automation efforts of many countries, developing or developed. In a country like India, RFID holds great promise in creating a robust infrastructure for automatic identification and tracking of objects and individuals.

Think RFID, Think Ruddersoft

Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless technology that is capable of identifying and tracking tagged objects over a short range (few meters). Even though the technology has existed since the World War 2, its commercial success is tied to early 90s with the advent of internet and popularity of computers. Then came the Internet of Things and communication and data transmission and sharing over the internet became the norm.

At present the global RFID market is at 18.45B USD and it is expected to reach 36.5B USD by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 11.9%. The global retail is a big factor driving this huge demand in retail supply chain and retail stores and India is playing an important role here.

In India, Ruddersoft Solutions Private Limited is a market leader in providing end-to-end RFID solutions including RFID tags, RFID Readers as well as RFID software solutions.

With a dedicated team to provide customized RFID labels in UHF and HF categories, RAIN RFID Readers and custom RFID software solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients, Ruddersoft leverages its years of experience in AIDC technology to provide efficient and reliable solutions.

A comprehensive RFID solutions provider

When we say ‘Think RFID, Think Ruddersoft’, we mean to say that Ruddersoft is your one stop, comprehensive RFID solutions provider. Whether you need various types of RFID labels, RFID hard tags, RAIN RFID labels, RFID readers including sled, handheld, wearable RFID readers, RFID antennas, RFID printing and encoding services, or RFID software solutions, we got your back.

Ruddersoft has a great track record of providing high quality end-to-end RFID solutions to its various national and international clients resulting in enhanced automation, efficient business operations and business growth.

RFID Encoding and Printing Services

RFID encoding/writing and custom printing of RFID labels is a significant part of RFID implementation in businesses looking to use RFID for day-to-day business operation optimization and Ruddersoft is trusted by our many clients to deliver on this front.

Our RFID encoding and printing services leverage cutting edge RFID printer encoders and RFID readers for this purpose. We use high quality inks to provide consistent printing quality across labels and tags. Apart from that, we also provide pre-printed and pre-encoded RFID labels, hard tags and inlays at cost-effective prices.

RAIN RFID and Ruddersoft Asset Management Solutions

RAIN RFID is the most efficient when it comes to item-level tracking and asset management. In asset management RFID tagging of assets is the most crucial and choosing right RFID components is equally important.

Passive UHF RFID tag, operating over the frequency range of 860MHz-960MHz and with a read range of up to 15m, is widely used for asset management needs and Ruddersoft is at the forefront of handling the RFID needs of the clients.

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