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Barcode Basics: What Kind Of Barcode Labels Should We Use?

  • Ravi Pal
  • Jul 04, 2023
  • Barcoding System
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Managing and maintaining capable product inventory plays an essential and most important role in gaining profits for business. Barcoding is important for many businesses. In fact, warehouses, distribution centers, logistics companies, and manufacturers cannot function without effective barcoding. Barcodes are also used in document management.

Barcodes are simply a collection of vertical black bars and white spaces with varying shape and sizes. They stores identifying details of products like product name, product price, company name, quantity and a lot of information that can be read by using any simple scanner. They are widely used all over the world in various industries due to their simplicity and important role in business.

Key Features of Barcodes:

  • Keeps track of products.
  • Helps in business inventory management
  • Manage full product information
  • Helps in predicting demand for any product
  • Speed up the business transaction

What kind of bar code labels should we use?

There are many keys to a successful barcoding implementation. One of the most important, and often overlooked, decisions is what barcode labels to use in your environment. Many times great emphasis is placed on selecting the right scanner, rugged mobile computer, or barcode printer to use but less emphasis is placed on selecting the right barcode labels to use based on your situation.

The common types of barcode label materials.

Paper labels:

Paper is probably the most inexpensive and commonly used type of material for general inventory, packaging and shipping labels.

Polypropylene Labels:

Polypropylene is oil, water and tear resistant, making these labels durable when not exposed to extreme weather or chemicals.

Polyester Labels:

Polyester labels are the most durable types of labels and the ideal choice for heavy use and rugged environments.

Polyethylene Labels:

Polyethylene is also a less rigid material than polyester and is ideal for use on curved surfaces such as bottles or vials.

Polyimide Labels:

Polyimide is a polymeric plastic material that is designed specifically for long-term durability at very high heat (in excess of 250°C).

Selecting the right barcode labels is an important step.

  • Application (what surface the label will be applied to)
  • Environment (temperature, lighting, indoor/outdoor, and presence of water/chemicals/dirt/grease/etc.)
  • Durability (how long the label needs to last)
  • Adhesive (level of permanence)
  • Type of barcode printer (direct thermal or thermal transfer)

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