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Ruddersoft Solutions provides registration, lead generation, and RFID attendee tracking services for events, meetings, and conferences. We developed an application around their clients’ needs, which offers exhibitors a tool box of services designed to provide measurable results at every stage of the event management process – pre-registration, on-site services, and post-event.

RFID Enabled Events, Conferences & Exhibitions

RFID provides proven options to record attendance information, track seminar attendance, and monitor traffic flow within event & exhibition environments. Attendees can freely walk in and out of sessions without worried of being stopped by room monitors. RFID smart gates record the attendees. All scans are stamped with date, time, location and direction.

Event Tracking System

RFID can help exhibitors to track stall activity and measure additional revenue opportunities and automatically analyze individual attendee stall visits. Ruddersoft‘s innovative, esthetic and slim antennas can be deployed to be invisible to users or to blend in with stall decorations without providing any distractions to the stall design. The small and thin RFID antennas, mounted close to the posters or LCDs, are ideally suited as an information request point for exhibit booths visitors as well as organizing competitions and appraisals for visitors.

RFID Benefits

  1. Accurately measuring attendance tracking of events, session, training, conference
  2. Attendee behavior, analysis and reporting
  3. Providing Return on Attendance (ROA)
  4. Innovative non-invasive attendance tracking & reporting
  5. Accurate session attendance reporting

RFID Capabilities & Limitations

Please be aware that people tracking requires correct expectations setting with regards to technology capabilities and limitations. Human body or crowded areas can significantly influence the application design and thus potential risk factors shall be minimized and considered when designing the application.

Potential risks of passive RFID close to the human body can be eliminated by:

  1. People will wear the tags visibly on their body
  2. People actively showing the cards/tags
  3. Using RFID portals or several portal units next to each other
  4. Using ground mat antennas or RFID tunnel with antennas on floor, side and overhead
  5. Using high power readers and appropriate tags