Handheld RFID readers use to automate the process of auditing and locating fixed assets. Using handheld device to automate the process of physically auditing their fixed assets. In addition to improving asset visibility, it saves time, reduces operating costs and improves accuracy over manual and barcode processes. Asset information is synced from the server to a local database on the handheld, assent users to perform audits and searches even when a wireless network connection is not available. The handheld RFID readers are capable of reading multiple RFID tags simultaneously and do not require a line-of-sight to read tags. Depending upon the type of handheld RFID reader and RFID tags, 30 or more tags can be read per second. These capabilities allow fixed assets to be audited significantly faster compared to a manual or barcode process. RFID technologies are supported, allowing organizations to easily transition from using barcodes to RFID or support both technologies.

RFID Asset Tracking System Using Handheld

How it works

Assets can be easily reconciled for each location. As RFID tags are read, users see real-time feedback on Found, Missing and Misplaced assets. Missing and Misplaced assets can be dealt with immediately by viewing detailed asset information, displaying asset pictures, entering comments, re-assigning places, and viewing historical inventory audit information. This allows the user to reconcile Missing and Misplaced assets on the handheld before moving on to the next place, rather than waiting until the entire inventory audit has been completed before starting a reconciliation process. The process of identifying assets is slightly faster, and potentially less intrusive. There may also be some advantage in identifying items which are not directly in line of sight, such as items which are already packed.

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