Moving to fixed mount readers with passive RFID reduces the effort requisite to identification of assets. Assets can be read consecutive with no human interference. The process of tracking asset movements in real-time using fixed RFID readers. It provides visibility of asset locations and maintains a historical record of asset movements. The platform supports passive Fixed RFID readers, allowing it to meet a variety of different needs and requirements. Alarm events can be configured to provide real-time notification of assets in unauthorized locations. It can also be implemented in conjunction with Inventory Module, to automate the process of physically inventorying assets using Fixed RFID readers.

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How it works

Passive RFID readers are installed at strategic read points throughout a building, such as rooms, hallways, stairwells and doorways to create zones. RFID tags associated with assets are tracked as they move through the zones to provide visibility of the current time and location. Historical tracking information is generated over time allowing users to go back and trace the movement of assets. Alarm rules can also be defined to trigger real-time events when assets or personnel are not in their assigned zones, or are detected in unauthorized zones. For example, an alarm rule can be enabled for a laptop that sends an email if it leaves the building. When RFID tags are implemented, movement, temperature and other sensors on the tags can also be monitored.

  • Zone Monitoring
  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Long range tracking
  • Laptop and other mobile asset tracking

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