Ruddersoft Technical Support Services address both the proactive and reactive needs of our valued customers. Our trained and skilled support staff provides 24x7 to provide quick support. We offer a variety of support programs to enable each customer to find the best fit for its business including telephone support, online support, remote support, and onsite support.

RFID Support

Ruddersoft is known for its timely and committed Support services which start once the solution is integrated and project handed over. We offer a range of support options that includes chat, email and phone based one-to-one support to speed up the technical diagnostics in guiding towards your system implementation process.

Our support services include:

  • Trained & certified team of hardware professionals
  • Industry standard practices
  • Hardware Support Services
  • Helpdesk support through telephone, email, fax & chat
  • Software Support Services
  • Expert technical support
  • Remote Access/VPN
  • Solution Services
  • Resolving integration issues
  • Upgrading the current system

Our Professional Services team has completed a lot of successful customer implementations and is ready to ensure that your project will be implemented quickly and to your full satisfaction. We offer a variety of services to match your specific needs because we know that every customer is unique. Our consultants work with your team, through a series of onsite workshops, to clearly identify, define, and quantify the business problems and the most efficient and proven our solution design to solve them.

Our managed support services provide IT and operations managers with improved visibility, intelligence, real-time monitoring, and customized management of device and network components. When your equipment fails, your operations come to a standstill. Our on-site service support is your best think to stay productive with fast and reliable on-site expert repairs featuring quick response time, quality workmanship, and certified technical support.

As an RFID solution provider that has delivered hardware, software and complete integrated solutions, we offer a range of services to help customers succeed with their RFID applications. Our unique combination of capabilities and our track record as a supplier of tags and readers, a developer of RFID applications, an integrator and a solution implementer, makes us the ideal support partner. Our support approach is based on providing an approved, customized, comprehensive support package tuned to the customer’s needs.

We provide support to all phases of the project lifecycle, helping to establish feasible projects, to deliver them and to ensure that they continue to provide the anticipated benefits through their operational lifetime. In order to co-ordinate customer requirement, product shipments, technical resources and the customer’s own project plan we provides a nominated Account Manager. In addition to this the customer has direct access to our technical staff by telephone or Internet.

Our Solutions



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