Our RFID Readers offer the strong functionality needed to jumpstart a successful RFID system. Our fixed RFID readers are designed to meet the highest industry and deployment standards from reading platform moving through portals to case on high speed transporter belts, it’s easy to configure and provide control of peripheral devices and sensors for effective, accurate RFID supply chain management. RFID Readers can read and write information to an RFID tag. RFID Readers can also be fixed or portable. Fixed readers are sometimes used outdoors for vehicles or people identification, at the entrance of parking lots or any other entry point in buildings and boundaries of enterprise premises.

  • Impinj Speedway Revolution

    Impinj's Speedway fixed RFID readers and antennas deliver the performance, quality, and reliability necessary for robust RFID-based information you can count on. With its Autopilot it adapts to any enviorment automatically. One of the most remarkable features of Impinj Speedway is WiFi/Cellular modem connectivity making them WI-FI enabled & GSM/GPRS enabled as well.

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  • Speedway Xportal RFID Reader System

    The Speedway xPortal RFID reader system solves the size and mounting limitations of traditional portals with an attractive, light-weight, and low-profile unit. It incorporates the industry-leading Speedway Revolution reader and Impinj's Dual-Linear Phased Array (DLPA) antenna technology into a high performing, flexible, and cost-effective RFID portal solution for retail, office, hospital, and other indoor environments.

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