Far field antennas are ideal for applications where tags need to be read a longer distance away, typically more than 1.5 feet. Common far field applications include pallet tracking, real-time inventory management, and supply chain visibility. Far-field antennas come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and generally can read tags between a few centimeters, up to more than 30 feet away in ideal conditions.

  • Impinj Threshold Antenna

    Initially designed for boundary crossing applications, the Impinj threshold antenna has a very wide beam to maximize zone coverage. These antennas provide linearly distributed continuous read zone.

  • Impinj Guardwall Antenna

    For item-level reading of packed goods, the Guardwall antenna provides a tightly controlled read zone and intense RF field, critical to penetrating deep into packed cases. When used as a pair, the Guardwall antenna absorbs energy from its opposing mate so that very little passes beyond the exterior face. This configuration maximizes stray read rejection by constraining the read zone to the area within the two antennas. It also increases read reliability by maximizing the intensity within the read zone.

  • Perfect RFID Antenna

    These are Perfect’s inhouse antennas features features a narraow width beam design wherein full power beam width is 30° Vertical and 70° Horizontal. These antennas are housed in a grey cover made of Hard plastic and has a stainless steel frame with an aluminium antenna support.