As part of our consulting services, we offer education and basic training in RFID technology from a business benefits perspective. We provide personalized training to the IT, logistics and marketing department of your company in order to bring awareness and understanding of how to benefit from RFID technology.

RFID Education and Training

We offer RFID-related training on:

  • RFID history, concepts and applications
  • RFID global technical and data standards
  • Assessing your operations suitability for RFID
  • Migrating operations to RFID
  • RFID Deployment training
  • RFID Support training
  • RFID Maintenance training

RFID technologies can use any one or more of numerous public and private wave frequencies. Each wave frequency has its own strengths and weaknesses that need to be recognized and accounted for in the design and implementation of any RFID system. Simply just because you heard that Low Frequency is the right frequency for tagging metal objects does not mean that it is the right frequency for your application. Ruddersoft offers numerous educational and training courses on RFID technology and how to design and deploy an RFID application.

While RFID technology follows the rules of Physics, there are so many variations, rules, flavors, standards and other issues; it's simply too much data for most people to learn and keep updated on. What we can do for you is provide you the education that is required to meet your unique business needs rather than an entire course in RFID. For those companies and individuals who have these types of problems, then consult with us for training-

  • How do I select the best fit variant available in RFID?
  • How can I apply technology in most effective manner?
  • Will it really solve my identification, inventory, counting or any other problem?
  • Where can it fail?
  • Can I integrate with my existing system?
  • How do I implement it?

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