Ruddersoft provides maintenance services for RFID systems. Our Maintenance Services can control the functionality by reducing your costs and eliminates the need to hire talented workforce for updating your systems.

RFID Maintenence

Our involvement does not end with the development and deployment of the open source systems but Ruddersoft is available to their clients for any future partnership towards any of the continued services in their present work they might require. We run maintenance services based on different levels of technical expertise as required by our clients with contracts of various types, based on project requirements, and by providing maintenance at an optimal cost.

To properly manage and execute a complex rollout, the right technology and the right partner can simplify the challenge and eliminate the chance of downtime. Trust your next rollout to Ruddersoft. We will use our experience and the best technology in the industry to make your deployment a resounding success. We will simplify the process for you and manage the details of your project every step of the way.

We provide you the given facilities-

Inbound inspection and testing:

We make sure your hardware arrives fully tested and complete with every necessary accessory.

Software application loading and testing:

Each piece of hardware is configured, correct drivers loaded, application software installed and each unit tested.

Wireless activation and testing:

Each device is configured and tested to ensure it conforms to the network requirements in each facility.

Delivery to field locations:

We'll make sure all devices arrive at the correct locations; working and fully operational from the moment they arrive. We make it easy to have a clear picture and complete information for of all the devices in all your locations.

Each maintenance program is evaluated for cost-effectiveness and timeliness. Device failure patterns are analyzed by our maintenance analysts, engineering and supply chain/procurement professionals to optimize repair effectiveness, reliability and to eliminate unnecessary parts expense. We capture maintenance execution performance metrics and costs, tracks downtime, discrete site information and failure patterns which are feed into the analytics module. Our analysts use this critical data to evaluate outcomes and prioritize adjustments to drive improvements in enterprise technology performance, return on investment and to reduce costs.

Application Maintenance services from Ruddersoft are designed to help you focus on your core business activities whereas we take care of your software maintenance needs be it application enhancements, routine maintenance/ bug fixes or production support. We focus to improve software quality and maintain high service levels.

Our Offerings

We provide enhancements, modification and production support as part of our application maintenance services. Our portfolio of software maintenance services include:

  • Maintenance support of Ruddersoft products and solutions
  • Maintenance support of third party applications
  • Enhancements to existing software solutions to extend the service over mobile and handheld devices
  • Product operating platform upgrade services
  • Product re-engineering services

Ruddersoft’s managed maintenance services are designed to save you time and money. And because your project is managed through us, you’re assured of the most complete, thorough and cost-effective solution available. Total execution, in-depth analytics, with full reporting and communications call us today to discuss your project or your ongoing maintenance and support needs.

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