RFID is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each RFID application has its own distinct requirements, and new ones emerge quickly. Ruddersoft combines applications expertise with a flexible line-up of products and services to address the diverse needs of today's RFID customers.

RFID Software Integration

Integrating RFID , generated data into business applications so that essential information can be viewed, analyzed, applied and presented to end users is often far more difficult than assembling the data. Since RFID is used in variety of organizations and with many different applications, it's impossible to create a single, all-purpose RFID data-integration strategy. Ruddersoft develop unique integration concepts and tools, or improve combination of approach.

Data integration poses a major challenge for RFID adopters in almost all business sectors. A system that come up with enterprise resource planning [ERP] systems, warehouse-management systems and, for manufacturers, their manufacturing-execution systems and want to integrate their system with RFID without change their system. Everybody has a slightly different picking process in their warehouse, everybody has a different layout to their factory floor and nobody change it for RFID integration, we solve your problem we make RFID software for you which is compatible with your software. We are not change your system we integrated our solution with your System and provide the desire result.

RFID technology is an invaluable tool for any continuous improvement or lean management program. When integrated correctly, RFID offers you the possibility to increase the visibility within your supply chain and permits you to adapt your management systems to fit your organization’s changing needs, resulting in greater control of your operations at all times. Our RFID solutions bring you great value and ensure reliable results by integrating custom software.

System integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole. While an RFID system is great for tracking basic item information and the location of your inventory/assets, the true scope of the system is amplified when integrated with your ERP and CRM systems. Integration propagates data necessary for a variety of business uses including order tracking and financial asset reporting.

Integration with your CRM software can be a game changer in your business. Imagine your company sells a serviceable product. When your technician goes to service that product, the RFID system will allow him to read the service history and quickly determine the right course of action. Maintaining detailed service histories presents a wealth of business information that can be applied to customer up- and cross-selling.

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