RFID is a versatile technology and can be used in a wide range of applications, wherever there is a need to automatically identify items. Examples of application areas where RFID is already widely used include:

RFID Development

  • Solar panel industry
  • Schools and Collages
  • Artwork gallery and museums
  • IT asset management
  • Identifying equipment for planned or preventative maintenance
  • Ensuring all items required for a particular task are present (configuration management)

Ruddersoft provides you both RFID based hardware and RFID based software. We made the S/W for Personalization using desktop RFID reader. The application is developed in .Net technology. The back end is maintained in SQL Server. The code is made by .NET experienced professionals and highly secured for your organization.

We provide the platforms for managing RFID data and routing it between tag readers or other auto identification devices and enterprise systems.

RFID systems often require middleware software that resides between RFID interrogators and enterprise software. Middleware serves a number of key functions: It configures and manages your hardware, such as interrogators, printer-encoders and motion sensors, so they operate optimally. And it processes tag data, filtering out duplicate tag reads and aggregating the data that's passed along to back-end applications.

In fact, middleware has evolved so much that many RFID vendors don't even refer specifically to that term on their Web sites. Instead, some point to their platforms, while others discuss how to manage an RFID infrastructure or data flow. Almost all the vendors' home pages highlight industry applications and solutions. Considering that software is essential to an RFID system—some call it the central nervous system of an RFID platform. In addition to middleware vendors, Ruddersoft has developed own software solutions.

Our Solutions



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Smart Web Presence

Fixed Asset Management, Tracking, Inventory & Auditing Software Using UHF RFID

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Artwork Collection Management Systems

Museum Artwork Collection Management Systems With and Without RFID

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Event Management/Tracking System

Event Management/Tracking System Using UHF RFID

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