Why Small Business Must Think Of Adopting RFID?

The amount of data that can be gathered using RFID technology and the possibilities of how that data can be used in terms of reducing shrinkage, accurately predicting supply/demand, and the amount of time saved in the inventory process is limitless.

RFID In Jewellery Management
Experience Fast, Accurate & Effortless Counting!
Choosing best RFID tags for your application: criteria and step by step guide.

Choosing the right RFID can be difficult!

With so many technologies, standards and formats, the range of options open to a user are very wide indeed. Making the right choice can be challenging. With the thousands of RFID tags configured to choose right RFID tag. As the market is filling with hundreds of types of tags, there is no simple way to sort them all and pick the perfect one. However, we have gathered criteria that will help you with your selection.

What Are RFID Applications And Uses In Real Business World?
You understand the basics of RFID, but now what do you do with all that knowledge? Don’t sit on it! Here’s a list of how RFID is used in real world applications, so use these ideas to spark your creative juices so you can use RFID in your own solutions.
Pros And Cons Of RFID Solutions
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a famous technology, which includes wireless data capture and transaction processing.
Asset Tracking Solution: Making The Best Use Of Asset Tracking Solution
Today's asset tracking systems are designed to be installed quickly and easily. Asset tracking solution helps in tracking the movement of assets- IT equipment, devices or software, within an organization tracking your assets with software can decrease the risk. Assets can be read consecutively with no human interference.
How does RFID works?
RFID (Radio-Frequency-Identification) are widely used today. RFID tags represent tiny electronic gadgets that comprise a small chip and an antenna. RFID refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels are captured by a reader via radio waves. Thus they are more efficient.
Barcodes Vs.  RFID: What Are The Differences & Advantages?
RFID and Barcode are two different technologies and have different applications, which sometimes overlap. In many circumstances, RFID offers advantages over traditional barcodes. The big difference between the two is that barcodes are line-of-sight technology. That is, a scanner has to “see” the barcode to read it, which means people usually have to orient the barcode toward a scanner for it to be read.
Asset Inventory Management System

It is an easy solution for any fixed or digital asset tracking process.

Document Management Solution: 6 Reasons To Use Right Document Management Solution

Efficient and Affordable Document Management Solution

Documents are a critical component of running a business. Keeping business documents helps in ensuring the survival of every business. In fact, many businesses put a higher priority on managing their office supplies than they do their business documents. There is a simple, low-cost, easy to use solution in the form of document management software.

End-To-End Industrial & Enterprise Iot Solutions And Services For The Connected & Automated World

Any Device, Any Network, Any Protocol

The Internet of Things has become a buzzword in recent years. Today IoT Company in India is referred in terms of providing internet connectivity to physical devices enabling us to monitor and control them.

What Is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)?
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. An RFID system has readers and tags that communicate with each other by radio waves.