RFID In Jewellery Management
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Jewellery is one of the most valuable assets that people possess. A jewellery organisation faces an amazing task of maintaining, and accounting for thousands of jewellery items in a single store. This is often a completely manual process, which requires handling of each jewellery item separately, and is therefore, very time consuming and prone to errors.

This type of jewellery/ inventory tracking may lead to misplacement, loss or even theft. While RFID is widely being used as an effective tool in retail industry, one application where it has immediate and direct benefits is Jewellery tracking.Pieces of jewellery are often very small and so it can be quite a difficult task to display details and information on such tiny items. Jewellery tracking is all around us, we use it in stores and it is a technology that we can use for the greater good.

Issues faced by Jewellery Company

  • Tracking and monitoring of precious jewellery items, boxes or pouches is difficult.
  • Since many jewellery displays are set up daily and then stored in safes in the evenings, there is ample opportunity for Threat of theft or loss of product.
  • Weak security
  • Time consuming inventory checking
  • Huge requirement of manual power
  • Difficult to manage information related to the Jewellery items.