What Are RFID Applications And Uses In Real Business World?
You understand the basics of RFID, but now what do you do with all that knowledge? Don’t sit on it! Here’s a list of how RFID is used in real world applications, so use these ideas to spark your creative juices so you can use RFID in your own solutions.

RFID in Asset Management

RFID enables better control over assets through increased visibility into their location, and reduces the cost of replenishing stolen, lost or broken items. Improved visibility also leads to better asset allocation and utilization, decreasing unnecessary inventory and lowering capital costs.

RFID in Laundry Automation

Large companies like casinos often manage thousands of employee uniforms. With an RFID laundry management system, operations can track which uniforms were assigned to specific employees, the age of uniforms, the number of times washed, and identify missing uniforms. RFID laundry tags provide a new level of visibility for laundry management.

RFID in Defense

RFID is used in military in many ways: You can use RFID for weapon movement tracking, soldier’s movement tracking. RFID provide real time informatin so it is very easy to track the movement the weapons and identifies the location of weapon. Sometimes militaries face an emergency situation that time with RFID you can easily access your real time database and you have not sufficient recourses you can take help of other battalion.

RFID in Retail Apparel

RFID gives retailers and brands valuable information about the supply chain and inventory as well as product consumption and cycle speed. It is also reduced employee theft and shoplifting through improved monitoring of inventory movement. RFID improved accuracy in picking and packing operations translates into the proper fulfillment of purchase orders. With RFID you can better control over own supply chain management. RFID technology used in fashion applications significantly improves supply chain transparency. It helps retailers to avoid out-of-stocks and provide better satisfy customers.

Facebook RFID

In 2010 Israel launched Coca Cola village where 650 teenagers are coming and all are wearing the RFID bands. With RFID all their actions were record and shared on Facebook. If you organize this type of any event and you want that each and every action are uploaded on Facebook. We provide you a fully automated solution for event tracking.

IT Asset Tracking

Most Government and corporate institutions have to fulfill with annual audits of their IT equipment. Operational efficiency is enhanced by completing wall-to-wall inventory audits quickly and accurately, spending little or no time in settlement. With a single mouse click, accurate compliance reports are provided to Finance and Executive management. Datacenters also leverage our RFID based asset tracking solutions to complete inventory audits and to track in real time, equipment moving in and out their locations.

Lab Equipment Tracking

Laboratories, whether they are in the electronic, pharmaceutical or biomedical industries, share some common problems – lack of visibility into where their equipment is and inefficient maintenance processes. Several laboratories in Government and private industry have leveraged our RFID based asset tracking solutions to know where their equipment, prototypes and samples are at all times, thereby increasing the productivity of their engineers, scientists and technicians. They are also able to proactively and efficiently manage the preventive maintenance and calibration of their equipment using our solutions.

Automation & Manufacturing Tracking

RFID tags from Ruddersoft solutions reorganize industrial manufacturing processes to increase productivity, safety and security. RFID transponders regulate and track equipment use, repair and maintenance efficiently. This enhances equipment lifecycle management and enables backward traceability to ensure compliance.

RFID in Document Tracking

RFID enables high-speed identification of documents, track and trace of documents, increased workforce productivity and reduced operational costs.

RFID in Jewelry Tracking

Jewelry security is a big challenge because it is difficult to protect it manually and also having a lot of risk. Item-level tagging of such merchandise with RFID, on the other hand, supports product track and trace from factory to distribution center to store floor in a convenient, cost-effective manner. It is not only cost-effective manner but also having minimum risk.

RFID in Library Automation

RFID library solution makes life easier for visitors and librarians through faster checkout, easier returns, simpler inventory, and extra security. RFID tags can be read from multiple angles which means the checkout and check-in process is significantly faster. An RFID library solution improves the efficiency of circulation operations.

RFID in Agriculture

RFID used for tracking the movement for animals in large farm houses. Farm management system can be expensive but it is a smart way to monitoring the health of animals and ensures that each individual among thousands are taking correct food. If you are doing this work manually two or three times in a day, it can be time consuming and costly. With the help of RFID it can be achieved automatically and cost effectively. Because the database is up to date every time you can easily know that animals are healthy or not, If not then you can immediately discuss the problem with animal experts.