Pros And Cons Of RFID Solutions
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a famous technology, which includes wireless data capture and transaction processing.

Now a day when large and huge amount of, asset, inventory and people are needed for big projects, valuable data, basic need of effective and efficient tracking system is raise day by day. In this situation RFID solutions are being so effective. But besides this there are so many advantages and disadvantages

RFID Advantages

Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID) provides a precious service that is capable of revolutionizing the way companies track products. There are many benefactors of this RFID solutions: consulting firms, military, retailers, suppliers, producers of the technology, and consumers. RFID will also begin to automate company's reducing labor costs, supply chain human error and time spent checking in products. RFID solutions is very successful with retail companies because it improves productivity, saves on human labor costs, and gives companies real-time visibility with all their products.

The biggest challenges for producers and consultants alike are the reliability and durability of RFID solutions and products. Consumers use RFID solutions everyday and many do not realize the advantages they are receiving from the technology. RFID solutions reduces human labor costs and human errors as well as reducing theft in the store and warehouses.

RFID Disadvantages

There are many potential benefits for RFID solutions ; there are many pitfalls as well. Every level that could benefit from RFID solutions can also intersect negative rewards from the technology. Who use RFID solutions face many potential problems with the technology. RFID solutions has no proven infrastructure making it difficult for suppliers to keep up with these company's demands to become RFID-ready.

There are five privacy issues that customers must try to protect themselves from :

• Hidden placement of tags

• Unique identifiers for objects worldwide

• Massive data aggregation

• Hidden readers

• Individual tracking and profiling

The disadvantages of RFID solutions hinge mainly on privacy concerns, technological imperfections, cost of the technology and no proven way to set up an RFID system for a company.