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Barcode Printers: How To Make Right Choice For Your Business

  • Ravi Pal
  • Jul 04, 2023
  • Barcoding System
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Print Your Way to Accuracy and Efficiency

Are you already planning printing tags in your business, but don't know how? The answer lies in barcode printers.

Firstly, we know about the barcode printers. Barcode printers are devices for printing barcode labels or tags that can be attached to physical objects.

Today’s Computers have advantage of the technology up to such an extent that most of the tasks can be done by them in daily business. Barcode printers are commonly used to label retail items or cartons before shipment and many more.

Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printers

The cheapest and most popular are the direct thermal barcode printers for barcode label printers. Let’s look at the two styles of printers in more detail.

It can use labels on a roll. Which means you can have 1000 - 2000 labels on a roll without having to change media all the time.

It’s Cost of the labels can be a fraction of a cent.

It’s cheaper than Thermal Transfer barcode printers

Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer:

The direct thermal printer, a thermal transfer printer uses a thermal print head. However, it also uses a ribbon to combine with the thermal print head to give the print permanency on the label. It can also be a little harder to setup. You have to also install a ribbon. It’s cost of the labels can be a fraction of a cent. Thermal transfer printers are generally a bit more expensive than your consumer based barcode label printers and direct thermal printers.

Any organisation which maintains large inventories that keep on changing rapidly has greater requirements for the barcode printers. Industries have an indispensable need to set up barcode printers because regular computer printing devices cannot make fast impressions like barcode printers.

Barcode printers are available in different sizes in a long price range. It can be easily categorised into two types based on the printing methods that are thermal transfer based printers and direct thermal based printers.

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