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Why Small Business Must Think Of Adopting RFID?

  • Ravi Pal
  • Jul 04, 2023
  • RFID System
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RFID does not need human intervention

To function properly RFID technology, manual asset tracking system is automated and does not need human interference, thus chances of human errors are very less which results in more positive results. Your team does not require manually tracking at of material at every stage as it moves along the supply chain. This expertise is time efficient and takes less efforts for asset inventory.

Assets Tracking

Companies with few resources often find tracking of assets as an threatening task. Executives can analyze the data stored using RFID technology to entrΓ©e assets availability, monitor upholding cycles, review costs with respect to acquiring/maintain/disposing of assets. Inventory with high-turnover can easily be maintained and located In case of any catastrophe via RFID tags. Optimum assets operation betters the ROI factor for the business and helps in reducing business downtime.

Inventory Management

Tracking of assets in warehouse is always a pain, if its manually. Now a days most of inventories are done by RFID tracking which is quick & time efficient. RFiD is a circular wave penetration, results in giving accurate and fast readings. Profits of using RFID, Increases inventory visibility. Enables weekly inventory counts of thousands of items per store down to 30 minutes or less. Increases inventory accuracy to 98%. Decreases inventory out-of-stocks by 75% or more

RFID gives real time info on data sheet

Real-time data lend a hand to decision-makers to be accurate and quickly responsive especially at the time of urgent situation. When products passes from one stage to another in the supply chain, RFID system automatically updates the records. In a single click, current location of the product can be known. Such data can be efficiently utilized to take important decisions with respect to inventory management and cost control.

Employee productivity gets affected positively

Movement of the labour can be observed on finger tips unlike manual Tracking. Counting or Tallying will be vanished as it update the data on real time and employees can focus on more decisive business operations which need their attention.


Tracking the assets with RFID is providing a favorable return on outlay – especially in terms of supply chain visibility. The amount of data that can be gathered using RFID technology and the possibilities of how that data can be used in terms of reducing shrinkage, accurately predicting supply/demand, and the amount of time saved in the inventory process is limitless.

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