Wherever barcodes are utilized they are only useful to the extent that they can be read correctly and repeatedly. As barcodes turned into a universal tool for tracking goods everywhere the world, properly printed barcodes became a necessary requirement for every business. Whether you are using barcodes within your own business our supplying customers with products, un-readable barcodes only create difficulties in every process and result in lost time and money.

RFID Consulting

Bar Code verification to check barcode quality. It is a bridge between printing and scanning of barcodes. It is something more than scanning. Scanning is simply machine recognition or reading of encoded data where as barcode verification is:

  • Measuring the print quality of a printed barcode and analyze how it will perform in different environments with different types of scanning equipment.
  • Decoding the encoded data and verifying correct data structure and content.
  • Checking the visual aspects (for eg. Modulation, Decodability and much more) of the printed codes against certain specifications and standards made by international organizations to measure the scan ability of the barcode.

Why Verify Barcodes?

Barcode verification offers manufacturers, printers and packaging designers reassurance that their barcode symbol images are of substantial quality to ensure they scan first time, every time.

What are the Key Benefits of a Barcode Verification System?

A correctly implemented barcode verification system provides the cost saving profits of:

  • Accuracy - Scan every barcode, every time without the errors of manual data entry.
  • Efficiency - Save time by eliminating the need to reprint barcodes.
  • Compliance - Ensure your barcodes meet the requirements of all your customers.

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