Ruddersoft offer consulting services for companies needing to implement, integrate or utilize barcode technology. Our consulting services range from assisting companies in selecting the appropriate barcode symbology to creating a global barcoding requirement for the companies with of trading partners. Our expertise stems from our knowledge of both barcode standards and their practical application in a variety of environments.

Successful consulting projects stem from understanding client’s business requirements and creating a solution which delivers both value and significant return on investment. Our approach for consulting projects is rooted in creating a collaborative environment, where we speak a common language, define what is needed and then deliver positive results.

RFID Consulting

We offer a variety of consulting services that will improve your label-making and bar coding operation. We’re able to approach your issues from a broad business perspective.

Application Design and Implementation:

  • Review requirements
  • Determine data sources and integrate them into the label design
  • Determine best label format
  • Recommend best label material, printer technology, speed settings, etc.
  • Implement technology and procedures

How Do We Help?

Once we understand your business needs and processes, we develop a concept design and business case for a Barcode project. Many companies are choosing to outsource one time activities such as project planning and associated steps from requirements definition to functional specification to vendor selection to software development to testing to implementation and training.

Ruddersoft Barcode consulting also bridges the gap between other suppliers developing Barcode technologies and the firms that stand to benefit the most from implementing Barcode technology.

Our Solutions



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Smart Web Presence

Fixed Asset Management, Tracking, Inventory & Auditing Software Using UHF RFID

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Artwork Collection Management Systems

Museum Artwork Collection Management Systems With and Without RFID

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Event Management/Tracking System

Event Management/Tracking System Using UHF RFID

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