RFID solutions on Document Tracking for government departments, small to medium enterprises and large corporations. Keeping track of the important documents, expensive office equipments and valuable assets are no longer daily obstacles to in-house or outside warehousing. Bar Code and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Document Tracking Systems allow for total lettering management systems on both an enterprise and local level. Tracking systems are not just limited to inside the office environment. Evidence rooms, media vaults, financial institutions, legal entities government agencies, cities and many more applications implement tracking systems to track anything and everything. Organizations having multiple entries / exits have a tough time to ensure unauthorized persons do not walk away with a confidential Document. Document Tracking System is a RFID based, multi-processing solution which helps maintain track of Document movements within the organization to ensure no un-authorized person walks way with a company document. Document Tracking System helps organizations maintain control over movement of their documents.

RFID Document Tracking System

Document tracking solution enable organizations to efficiently track and management documents in any atmosphere. It automates document tracking using RFID, improves operational efficiency and reducing cost incurred losing important documents. Tracking important files or Documents within an organization can be a very tedious task. At any given point in time, an important file seems to have been misplaced which restricts the employees from accomplishing their task successfully. With an RFID tracking system in place, document, and file folder are quickly found with a simple search from using an RFID enabled device. RFID technology enables a break-through revolution in tracking documents. It is especially beneficial in those environments where the documents are of high value to the organization, and the temporary or permanent loss of a document would have significant negative impact, such as intellectual property, key medical records, property ownership, financial documents or documents vital to e-discovery.

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Benefits of RFID in Document Tracking

  • Automated & Effective Document tracking-Real time tracking, searching Location & availability.
  • Increased accuracy, security and visibility.
  • Improves inventory Management.
  • Risk of misplace or theft of document is controlled.
  • Reduction in manual cost & time loss.
  • Eliminates authorized access to the files/ documents.
  • Can keep a record of the holder of the file or document.

RFID File Tracking System Features

RFID Document Tracking systems enable organizations to track and manage controlled documents in any environment. Automated RFID document tracking systems improve employee efficiency while reducing costs incurred by losing important documents. Simple but effective tracking of files and documents.

  • File Registration
  • File Check in/ Checkout using Web Application
  • Inventory Management using Handheld Device
  • Searching Specific File with its File Name or Number using Handheld Device
  • Providing real time data.
  • Accurate tracking of sensitive documents
  • Location and optional Sub-Location fields available

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