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RFID Tags are extensively used to track all types of IT Assets such as Servers, Laptops, Test Equipment, Network Routers, Tablets, Smartphone’s, iPhones, Androids, Blackberry and Accessories.”

It is a well known fact that as organizations grow larger, there needs to be greater emphasis on using automated methods to track, trace, log and report on movement of the most important assets of the organization.

RFID laptop tracking has seen tremendous growth in the corporate sector. One of the key concerns is related to its movement in & out of office usually on a daily basis. This makes laptops susceptible to theft which not only is loss of asset but more importantly loss of valuable and at times sensitive data. It is important for organization to ensure that right person carries the right laptop into & out of the facility. In some cases one would want to track movement of laptop within a facility & across facilities of same organization.

Laptop Tracking System

Ruddersoft has came out with the solution under laptop tracking system. This system facilitates easy checkout of the laptops outside the company premise without opening the bags and assigning and authorizing access rights as defined in the employee RFID card. An organizations does not feel the pinch of loss / theft of laptop but the organizations can be wiped out due to the loss / theft of the information stored on the laptop which may be of value in millions or billions. This solution aims at controlling and eliminating the loss of valuable data or information. Employees are assigned respective laptops. The organizations have to ensure that the Right employee carries the Right Laptop. The security department of the organization is responsible for this check. This solution is all about establishing the Identity relationship between the Employee and Laptop.


  1. Additional information is stored on the laptop tag therefore available offline.
  2. Real time IN/OUT information is available.
  3. Identify the unauthorized movement.
  4. Less human interventions therefore less chances for errors
  5. Quick throughput
  6. Fully integrated with RFID Technology

What RFID Hardware Is Needed?

  1. Fixed RFID readers at entrance/exit
  2. Fixed RFID antenna at entrance/exit
  3. RFID Laptop Tag attached to each laptop or other hardware