When you do asset tracking, barcode instead of entering data manually, you uniquely identify an item, avoid errors associated with the manual entries and allow for the fast processing of asset transactions. This is the most usual and rare costly asset tracking technology and it worked well in most cases. Using scanning for asset tracking allows you to:

  • Scan in multiple assets when you receive them in the office.
  • Record asset transactions when assets are checked in or checked out by employees.
  • Track and report damages to the assets.
  • Track entire life cycle of each asset, from receiving to disposal.
  • Perform periodic asset audits using barcode scanning, identify missing or misplaced assets
Barcode Asset Tracking System

Barcode Inventory System Using Handheld

Implementing a handheld device to automate and process to your assets track. Uses handheld readers to automate the process of locating and auditing fixed assets. Reduces man-power and operating costs by enabling fixed asset audits that are faster than manual processes. Barcode Inventory system allows the parts department to speedily and accurately check in stock orders and compare the results to their inventory system and quickly place reduction and overage. The system is easy to use and the handheld are rugged and able to stand up in a parts department environment. This same system can be used to conduct perpetual and annual inventories with a level of accuracy and speed that cannot be matched by manual methods.

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