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Ruddersoft Email Hosting is the ideal solution for businesses that want to project professionalism and keep multiple users connected. It is fast, reliable, convenient and scalable.

Email hosting is one of the best ways to update and secure business communication process. Thousands of emails carrying confidential and sensitive information, land in their respective user mailboxes, every day. To protect these emails from hackers, spammers and to keep your emailing server up round the clock, our best email hosting services prove to be a best fit. You can access your mails anytime and anywhere in the world via tablet, computer, laptop or mobile phone using webmail or an outlook sort of email client software.

Email Hosting

Its comprehensive set of features and controls not only helps you to support the online brand of your business / organization but also offers an attractive proposition of zero investment on hardware, software & system administration. We provide complete outsourced mail solution for your organization and manage all systems. We provide you with complete control on all features of your mail solution through our easy to use web based interfaces.

Now Ruddersoft provides enterprise class email solutions for businesses, backed by our world class infrastructure. Choose your business email hosting platform; decide whether you require a dedicated mail server or a virtualized solution and we will give you the best business email solution in the business. We provide hosted Exchange as well as other mail platforms on dedicated servers as well as on virtualized servers, depending upon your email traffic.

One of the major headaches of an in-house email server is maintenance and administration. With email hosting services from us, the most experienced IT team in the business takes care of maintenance, upgrades and administration. Small organizations don’t need to hire IT staff and larger companies could reduce the workload on their IT teams.

Not only does Ruddersoft have the best hosted email solutions, we also have the best pricing on the market. Whether you need a dedicated server or a VPS for email, call us for a great deal. Our Datacenters have multiple layers of security, redundant hardware and internet connectivity from nine different carriers, for email that never ever goes down. With us, all your concerns pertaining to email security, speed, accessibility, and email server maintenance come to an end. Our email server hosting ensures unstoppable connectivity to your mail boxes.